Madden NFL 24: When is the Best Time to Sprint on Plays?

The trick is to not hold in sprint all the time.

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A habit for most sports game players is overusing sprint and not using it to the best of their ability. In this guide, I’ll be explaining when it’s best to sprint while executing a run through traffic and when not to. Here is the best time to use Sprint in Madden NFL 24.

When is the Best Time to Sprint on Plays in Madden NFL 24?

The best time to use Sprint is after you’ve identified the route you want to take or found the gap you want to exploit. Normally, you would keep the sprint button in as soon as you received the ball. However, doing this will cause your player to not execute skill moves correctly and therefore be vulnerable to the slightest touch or tackle.

Once you have identified the gap you want to exploit, run in that direction without using Sprint. Once an opposition defender comes into close proximity to you, hit Sprint and accelerate away from the tackle. This works well or is the best when your ball carrier has high stats in top speed and acceleration.

When making a pass play, first use sprint to get to the ball if the throw is a little off. Once you’ve reached the ball, release the sprint button, turn your receiver, and then sprint into the open space in front of you. Again, only use the sprint key once the defender is close to your player and if you don’t need to use skill moves.

When Not to Use Sprint in Madden NFL 24

The worst time to use Sprint in Madden 24 is when you are using skill moves such as handing off a player, doing a juke move, or turning the player. These moves work better when timed perfectly.

Additionally, using sprint following a skill move is more effective than using it all the time in Madden NFL 24. It will take some getting used to but it is something that will help you more often than not when on the attack.

For more tips when running with the ball, you can read How to Read the Run Play Art at the Line of Scrimmage Madden NFL 24 and learn how to read the defensive setup in front of you.

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