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Madden NFL 19 Tips and Tricks

by Bryan Dawson

Madden NFL 19 is finally here, and that means football fans around the country are kicking off a new season with Electronic Arts and Madden NFL. To help new players or people who may have missed the past couple of years, this article covers a few essential Madden NFL 19 tips and tricks. Some of these tips you may already know, some cover new features or changes for Madden NFL 19, and others may be tips you didn’t even know existed. So let’s get right to it and cover some Madden NFL 19 tips and tricks!

Turbo Limitations

Turbo is not a new feature to Madden. It’s been around for a little while now, and a lot of players have become used to using turbo whenever it’s available. No matter how much you relied on turbo in the past, in Madden NFL 19 there are some new limitations to using turbo. Because of how the game engine has changed and evolved, if you use turbo it becomes much more difficult to execute precision maneuvers. This means that you should limit your turbo usage to when a player is out in the open field and you won’t need to pull off some quick jukes to get away from the defense.

Swat Over Interception

  • Hold Square (PS4) or X (Xbox)

You always want to make an interception for you can gain possession of the ball. However, the swat mechanic in Madden NFL 19 is far more efficient. While swatting the ball away from a receiver’s hands won’t change possession, it still stops the play. With Madden NFL 19, hold Square on PS4 and X on Xbox to go for a swat attempt. As long as you have decent positioning, you’ll have a much higher chance of swatting the ball away compared to your chances of getting an interception.

QB Sliding

  • Square (PS4) or X (Xbox)

If you watch the NFL or follow football at all, you probably know that if a quarterback takes a direct hit, it’s not going to end well. The QB may fumble the ball or even get injured. To help avoid this from happening in Madden NFL 19, you can slide when the QB is about to take a hit. Now this normally comes up if you’re running with the QB doing a QB sneak or just trying to make up some yards. It’s not new to the Madden series, but it tends to change more than most other features in the game. Simply tap Square on PS4 or X on Xbox to slide as your QB is running. Keep in mind, you cannot slide while turbo is active.

Turn and Run

After catching a pass, in previous Madden games you would generally turn and start running straight downfield. However, with the new player animations in Madden NFL 19, that’s not always the ideal way to turn and run. Instead, this year you want to continue running at an angle and gradually curve the player downfield. If your receiver is running to the left and he catches the ball then immediately turns to run straight downfield, the new animations will cause him to plant his foot as he turns, delaying his run. By continuing to run left and gradually turning downfield, you’ll avoid this new animation and be able to pick up additional yards.

Quick Audibles

  • L2 (PS4) or LT (Xbox) in Playbook Formations

Being able to change your audibles makes a huge difference in Madden. Using the Quick Audibles feature you won’t be stuck with the default audibles. While some of those default audibles are better than others, it’s always best to switch over to an audible that works well with your play style. Everyone plays Madden differently, so matching an audible to your play style can help you become a better player without much effort.

Upgrading Players

New to Madden NFL 19 is the ability to upgrade your players using Training Points that you gain by selling off items you don’t want. This of this like dusting cards in Hearthstone. If you have lower tier player cards that aren’t going to be of much use to you, sell them off and you’ll earn Training Points. You can then use these Training Points to upgrade players, selecting custom chemistry and more. If you find that you’ve upgraded a player you no longer use, you can downgrade them to regain some of that value to use elsewhere.

Stay tuned to Prima Games as we’ll have more Madden NFL 19 coverage all this week!

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