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Madden NFL 18 – Best Quarterback Ratings

by Bryan Dawson

For those who subscribe to EA Access Early, Madden NFL 18 has already been released and hours have been spent playing the game. For everyone else, you’ll have to wait until August 25 to get your hands on the latest Madden title. To help keep you on par with the people already playing the game, we’ve taken a look at the top quarterback ratings in Madden NFL 18. When it comes to selecting a QB, the overall rating is important in Madden NFL 18.

Top Rated Quarterbacks

The quarterback ratings listed below are the ratings you’ll find in the game at launch. As the season wears on, Electronic Arts may adjust some of the ratings. Over time, as things change in the NFL, the ratings in Madden NFL 18 may also be adjusted. However, at launch you’ll find the best quarterbacks below, as well as their individual and overall ratings.

If you’re new to Madden or just need a refreshers course, quarterbacks are rated in five different categories, along with an overall rating (which is not an average). We’ve already covered these ratings so be sure to check out what each rating means if you’re not quite sure. However, as a quick overview, AWR is awareness, SPD is Speed, ACC is acceleration, AGI is agility, and STR is strength.

Quarterback Team Overall Rating AWR SPD ACC AGI STR
Tom Brady Patriots 99 99 62 66 67 64
Aaron Rodgers Packers 98 97 79 82 82 58
Matt Ryan Falcons 96 96 72 81 69 63
Drew Brees Saints 92 99 69 73 63 53
Ben Roethlisberger Steelers 91 90 74 73 67 82

If you’re also looking for other ratings in the game, you can check out how the teams all stack up against each other, and find more coverage in our Madden NFL 18 game hub!