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Lunar Scavenger Destiny 2 Guide – Complete the Memory of Eriana-3

by Prima Games Staff

Now that Destiny 2: Shadowkeep has had its weekly reset, there’s new things to do on the Moon and more memories to recover. You may remember that we had some tips out about dealing with the Memory of Omar Agah, but this is a different beast that will require a little bit more legwork. Check out our Lunar Scavenger Destiny 2 guide for the location of these enemies that you’ll have to take down as part of completing the Memory of Eriana-3.

Lunar Scavenger Destiny 2 Guide – Complete the Memory of Eriana-3

The Memory of Eriana-3 is yet another memory that Eris Morn is going to task you to restore in her long-standing series. You can get the quest to restore it when you chat with Eris at her usual spot in Sanctuary. The reward is going to be a piece of Powerful Gear. We’ll lay out the different steps for you below for the completion of this quest.

Lunar Scavenger Destiny 2 Guide – Loot a Lunar Scavenger Chest

The Lunar Scavengers are easily dealt with in the first part of this memory restoration exercise. You’ll have to kill them in order to fulfill the first quest objective: search beneath the surface of the Moon to reclaim treasure from Hive Lunar Scavengers or Fallen Lunar Scavengers.

You will have to either go through the Hellmouth or Archer’s Landing (or any other area that grants you access to the inner levels of the Moon), and look for these Lunar Scavengers. Once you kill enough of them while they roam around, a Lunar Scavenger with a yellow health bar will appear. Killing this last one will give you the chest that you seek, which contains a Letter from Wei Ning.

Lunar Scavenger Destiny 2 Guide – Collecting Letters from Wei Ning

Now that you’ve got opened this chest, you’ll have to get yourself 10 such letters from Wei Ning. The only other requirement for these letters to drop when you’re participating in activities is that you have to have a Solar Subclass equipped. Once this has been done, go defeat Champion foes in various Activities on Hero difficulty or above – every Champion will give you 1 letter from Wei Ning. Collect them all, and Eriana-3’s letter will be bestowed upon you. Give this to Eris Morn to fully restore the Memory of Eriana-3.

Now that you have our Lunar Scavenger Destiny 2 guide at hand, completing the first portion of the memory restoration for Eriana-3 should be a piece of cake. Need a hand with anything else in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep? Check out the following guides: