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How to Increase Luck Stat in Final Fantasy VII Remake

by Nicholas Barth

Players who dive into the world of the Final Fantasy VII Remake will see that they have various attributes that will help their character excel in different areas. One of these beneficial attributes is the luck stat that provides two advantageous benefits for players when it is leveled up. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know when it comes to what the luck stat does in the Final Fantasy VII Remake covered for you.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Luck Stat

Now, this luck stat affects two significant areas of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. These two areas are critical hits and stealing. Specifically, this attribute affects the chances of you landing critical hits against your enemies and the success rate of your steal ability. Players who are fans of hitting as many of their critical hits as possible and also enjoy stealing from characters will want their luck stat maxed out. 

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You will find that this attribute increases as you level up, which means that the higher the level you get your character to the more effective your luck stat will be when it comes to landing critical hits and being an effective stealer.

However, there is another method you can take to increase this stat for your character. This method consists of you obtaining the Luck Up Materia. Players can acquire this particular Materia by taking the top score at the darts game in Seventh Heaven in Chapter 3 of the game. This top score is held by Wedge, who needed eight darts to clear 301 points and get to zero. Players will need to clear 301 points and get down to zero with seven or fewer darts to win the game and earn this Materia successfully. It is important to note that you can not go into the negatives, so be careful with those final throws! You will then receive this Materia as a reward near the end of Chapter 4. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake Luck Stat

Due to the luck stat being able to provide a massive boost to a character’s damage output thanks to its critical hit bonus, utilizing this Materia to increase the luck stat of Cloud and Tifa will allow you to increase your party’s damage output for future battles significantly. Individuals can fully upgrade this Materia to give a total boost of 50% to their luck stat. 

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