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Lost Souvenir Destiny 2 Reward – Quest Walkthrough

by Ginny Woo

Sure, running and gunning through the Vex Offensive in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is fun and all but other Guardians might prefer a more sedate approach. We’re talking working through older content even though the latest expansion is still all shiny and new, and packed full of weapons. If you’re wanting to get your paws on Izanagi’s Burden, part of your job will be to finish a number of quests from the Black Armory. Check out our guide on the Lost Souvenir Destiny 2 reward which you’ll get from completing that quest, and the steps you need to get it. 

Lost Souvenir Destiny 2 Reward – What’s the Quest Reward?

We’ll keep this short and simple. If you complete the Lost Souvenir quest during your hunt for Izanagi’s Burden, you’re going to get two things:

  • Obsidian Accelerator
  • Obsidian Dreams emblem

The Obsidian Accelerator is what you’re going to be using if you want to give your Black Armory weapons a little boost so long as you’re smart enough to take said weapons to Ada-1. You can’t exactly do all that complicated machinery-tweaking all on your lonesome. Of course, the emblem is cool too. 

Lost Souvenir Destiny 2 Reward – Quest Walkthrough

The tough part of finishing off Lost Souvenir is the Mysterious Datapad’s riddle. Essentially, it requires you to head to the Niobe Labs, where you’re going to have to shoot a bunch of symbols in the right order. Before you head there, though, you’re going to have to take some specific weaponry:

  • Hammerhead machine gun
  • Spiteful Fang bow
  • Tatara Gaze sniper rifle

The symbols have to be shot with specific weapons when you’re at the Niobe Labs. Have the right juice in hand and flip a switch below the Labs’ central platform. You have to shoot the symbols that will show up in the following order:

  1. Shoot the paper symbol with Spiteful Fang
  2. Shoot the cloud symbol with Hammerhead
  3. Shoot the temple symbol with Tatara Gaze
  4. Shoot the sun symbol with Spiteful Fang
  5. Shoot the star symbol with Hammerhead
  6. Shoot the hand symbol with Hammerhead
  7. Shoot the Black Armory symbol with Tatara Gaze

Once you’ve completed that, all you have to do will be to strap up with Izanagi’s Burden and clear out any enemies that come your way. Voila! Head back to The Tower and you’re going to be one step closer to owning Izanagi’s Burden in all of its unchecked glory. Now that you have our Lost Souvenir Destiny 2 reward guide in hand, this should be easy. Need a hand with something else on the Moon? Check out our Memory of Omar Agah guide to tackle that Memory Pursuit effectively.

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