Lords of the Fallen: How to Get Boss Weapons

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Boss Weapons Lords of the Fallen
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Equipment can be hard to find as you explore both Axiom and Umbral in Lords of the Fallen, so utilizing boss weapons can be a great way to upgrade your overall power. Like other soulslike games, it’s not as simple as simply picking up a new shiny sword, but it won’t take you too long once you know where to look. Here’s how to get Boss Weapons in Lords of the Fallen.

How to Get Boss Weapons in Lords of the Fallen

To get boss weapons, you need to Soulflay the Stigma that is left behind after a major boss battle with your Umbral Lantern. Using Soulflay will provide you with a Remembrance that you can take to a vendor named Molhu. As soon as you fight the first major boss in Lords of the Fallen, which is Pieta, you will have access to the Skyrest Bridge hub.

Find Molhu at the Skyrest Bridge (Screenshot by Prima Games).

On the second floor of the Skyrest Bridge, you will find an empty room. When I took out my Umbral Lantern I could see that an NPC was waiting for me to enter Umbral. Use your normal Umbral Rift ability through the lamp and swap dimensions. Molhu will be waiting with plenty of new options for you to browse, including the ability to offer a Remembrance.

Where to Get Boss Weapons in Lords of the Fallen:

  • Look for the Stigma in a defeated boss arena.
  • Use your Umbral Lamp to Soulflay the Remembrance from the Stigma.
  • Travel to the Skyrest Bridge Vestige point.
  • Head to the second floor and use Umbral Rift.
  • Offer the Remembrance to Molhu.

When you offer up one of the boss Remembrances from the Stigma, you will have a selection of items that will consume the item. For a boss like Pieta, there are armor pieces and weapons, and there should be at least one spell. Even with the Remembrance, you still need to have some Umbral Scouring pieces, which are also earned by using the Soulflay ability on additional Stigmas within Umbral.

Not every boss in the game will have a Remembrance that you can use for a boss weapon. These are really only reserved for the major fights, so if you see a cutscene, that typically means you can expect to find a Stigma in the arena.

With a better weapon in hand, it’s time to start invading players in Lords of the Fallen.

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