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Live a Live Prehistory Crafting Guide

Gori is good

by Lucas White

Live A Live, Square Enix’s latest “HD-2D” adventure and remake of a never-localized Super Famicom cult classic, is here. One of the game’s defining features is its anthology-style structure, which has players experiencing several small stories across time and space. Each story also has bespoke mechanics, such as the Prehistory story’s crafting.

A full Live A Live crafting list isn’t an easy task, considering there’s nothing in-game to help you keep tabs on everything. But after lots and lots of fiddling, I believe I have something for all the caveman crafters out there. Some items have multiple recipes, but with this list, you can be sure to know at least one for each possible outcome. Just keep in mind that if you want to really kit your prehistoric protagonists out you’ll have to do it before a certain point in the chapter.

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Anyway, here’s the list of items, with a recipe example following each.

Live A Live Prehistory Crafting List


  • Fury Knife (Stone knife, Leather strap)
  • Strong Axe (Stick, Rock)
  • Bone Spear (Bone, Stick)
  • Quick Spear (Stone knife, Stick)
  • Fire Club (Bone, Stick)
  • Fang Club (Beast fang, Stick)
  • Wildheart Sack (Dried skins, Leather strap)
  • Fast Whip (Stick, Leather strap)
  • Angry Bone (Bone, Leather strap)


  • Wildheart Dress (Pelt, Leather strap)
  • Chest Hair (Pelt, Dried skins)
  • Wildheart Armor (Stone knife, Dried skins)
  • Loin Guard (Beast horn, Leather strap)


  • Laughing Mask (Beast horn, Dried skins)
  • Beastskin Cap (Bone, Pelt)


  • Bang Glove (Hard rock, Dried skins)
  • Thump Drum (Dried skins, Bone)


  • Rough Bands (Beast horn, Bone)


  • Pretty Flower (Beast fang, Bone)
  • Fang Necklace (Beast fang, Leather strap)
  • Fertility Charm (Stone knife, Hard rock)

Crafting Material

  • Stone Knife (Hard rock, Stone)
  • Leather Strap (Hard rock, Bone)

Attack Item (Consumable)

  • Bola (Hard rock, Leather strap)
  • Prickly Stones (Beast fang, Stone knife)

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