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Little Nightmares – All Statue Locations

by Bryan Dawson

The statues in Little Nightmares are one of two collectible items that can be found as you play through the game. This article covers all statue locations in Little Nightmares so you can collect and destroy every single one. The Little Nightmares statues are usually located off the beaten path, so if you don’t explore you’re likely to miss quite a few. We’ve broken down the location of each statue in Little Nightmares by the area you’ll find them in.

The Prison

  • Number of Statues: 2

Statue 1 – Head up the long flight of stairs near the beginning of the game. Shortly after the stairs there’s an alcove in the background. A statue rests in the alcove.

Statue 2 – After the first area with the spotlight eye, climb up near the left side of the wall of crates. When you reach the top, before you continue to the right, head to the left and through the background to find a small room with a statue.

The Lair

  • Number of Statues: 2

Statue 1 – When you reach the bedroom with the suitcase in the middle of the floor early in the level, move the suitcase to the far right so you can reach the switch on the wall. Pull the switch to lower the bed in the background, then use the bed to climb up the draws to the top. Jump across to the adjacent set of draws, jump over to the shelf just above you to the left. A statue sits on this shelf.

Statue 2 – After the long-armed enemy chases you into the elevator and you hide in the box, there’s a toy box in the middle of the next room. To the right of the toy box is a loose plank on the floor near the toy monkey. Push the toy box away from the loose plank, then stand on the right side of the plank to drop down into the crawl space beneath the floor boards. Continue to the right, moving past the makeshift ladder that leads back to the floor above. When you can move into the background (which is blurry at first), look in the far left corner to find a statue you can break.

The Kitchen

  • Number of Statues: 3

Statue 1 – After you quell your hunger by eating the rat stuck in the trap and climb onto the laundry in the middle of the room in the background to push the metal top leaning up against the bin. Move down to the floor on the right, but before you continue onward, look in the hidden space behind the ramp that leads to the floor, and between the laundry bins. You’ll drop down into a secret passage that leads into a room to the right. In this room you’ll find a statue on the table that you can break.

Statue 2 – When you reach the room with the machine that makes sausages, climb into the food lift in the background to move up to the freezer. Head through the small opening on the wall to the right and into the next small room. There’s a lantern you can light and a statue you can break on the right side of the room in the foreground.

Statue 3 – After grabbing the key from the chef’s table, head back to the lift. As soon as the lift stops, quickly unlock the door to the right and hide in the toppled over cart in the background. Once the chef heads into the room on the right, climb on top of your hiding place and jump to the left to open the door to the chute. Climb back on top of your hiding place and jump into the chute to reach the level below. Move to the left side of the room and look in the foreground to find another statue you can break.

The Guest Area

  • Number of Statues: 2

Statue 1 – After shattering the mirror in the bathroom, climb up the room in the background and use the elevated pipe to travel all the way to the far right side of the adjacent room. Drop down on top of the table to find a statue waiting for you.

Statue 2 – At the end of the level, when you see the Lady geisha walk into the elevator as you climb up to the top of the ladder, wait for the geisha to move into the elevator before you open the hatch at the top. Once she’s clear, head to the left to find another statue you can break.

The Lady’s Quarters

  • Number of Statues: 1

The only statue in this area is up the stairs in the Lady’s room. Sneak past the Lady as you head into the room on the left, then break the blue and white vase to the left of the bed. This causes the Lady to leave the room to the right, allowing you to use the chair to reach her vanity mirror where the statue rests.

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Bryan Dawson

Bryan Dawson has an extensive background in the gaming industry, having worked as a journalist for various publications for nearly 20 years and participating in a multitude of competitive fighting game events. He has authored over a dozen strategy guides for Prima Games, worked as a consultant on numerous gaming-related TV and web shows and was the Operations Manager for the fighting game division of the IGN Pro League.