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Link’s Awakening Pink Ghost Guide: Get the Ghost Home

by Ginny Woo

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is full of kooky and adorable creatures. Some are straightforward to deal with (and easily dispatched with a sword), while others might require your assistance. If you’ve been visited by a spooky pal, please don’t panic! Our Link’s Awakening Pink Ghost guide will tell you how to help this little buddy and what you’ll get out of it.

Link’s Awakening Pink Ghost Guide: Get the Ghost Home

In order to come across this adorable pink pal, you’re going to have to hit a certain point in the game where you’ve explored the Angler’s Tunnel dungeon. Once you’ve exited, this pink ghost should just materialize out of nowhere before bombarding you with requests. Essentially, he wants to go home, and you’re going to help this navigationally-challenged spectre get there. We’ll make this easy for you: the ghost’s home is really close to the Martha’s Bay warp pad. There’s a couple of ways to get there:

  • Head west from the Animal Village, swim across the lake, get on the shore by the Telephone Booth and head over the holes to get to the ghost’s house.
  • If you’re approaching this from Toronbo Shores, go due East until you see some boulders. Lift them out of your way to get to the ghost’s house. 

Once you’ve made it inside the house, do your thing and destroy the abandoned pots once the pink ghost is done puttering around and feeling sorry for himself. You should pick up a Secret Seashell here, and you’re going to have to take this to the Cemetery. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to loop around to the Witch’s House via the Ukuku Prairie pad.

Hang left when you get to the Witch’s House, and you’ll see that there’s a very handy boulder that can be moved out of your way. Do so, and you’ll essentially be able to uncover a hidden passage. Take your spooky friend down there, and up another set of stairs to get to his final resting place. You’ve done it! As a reward, you’ll be blessed with a Fairy Bottle, which will allow you to capture fairies when they drop from killing certain enemies like Ghinis. As you might already be aware, fairies will heal you to full so having one in a bottle can definitely be helpful in a pinch.

Now that you’ve escorted the Link’s Awakening pink ghost safely to his destination, you can rest peacefully knowing that you’ve helped one more soul on the island. If you’re stumped by anything else, consider checking out our guide to navigating the Ancient Ruins and defeating the Armos Knight.

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