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Lego Marvel’s Avengers Tips: Exploring Manhattan

by Prima Games Staff

While Lego Marvel’s Avengers has a number of great missions based on films from the cinematic universe, it also has some outstanding hubs to explore, collect bits and complete secondary tasks to unlock bonus items. There’s no bigger hub in the game than Manhattan, as you can easily cruise around its various districts and find plenty to do – and not just destroy cars with the Hulk (though that’s fun as well). 

Our official guide breaks down each of the details in terms of where you can find things, and we also have a general run-through of this world, along with collectibles to look for.

Take a Ride

There are different vehicle call-in pads scattered throughout the city, and they’re quite useful for getting around the hub. You can cover a lot more ground when you’re in a vehicle, and take part in various racing challenges around the city. For good measure, you can also use a vehicle to make your way to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, another key hub in Lego Marvel’s Avengers. Any of the vehicles you unlock over the course of the story missions can be used with these pads.

Crime Fighting for Kicks

Being a superhero is awesome, but you don’t have to settle with going after high profile villains and maniacs – you can fight crime as well. There are three different types of activities in Manhattan to take part in, scattered throughout the city.

The first is Single-Perp Pursuit, where a criminal is on the run after stealing something from someone, whether it’s a purse or a bag. It’s simply a matter of catching up to them and bashing these evildoers to bits – literally.

The second is Car Chase, which is similar to Single-Perp but with vehicles. You’ll chase after a suspect, but take down their car to bring them down, rather than attacking them directly.

Last but not least, there’s Harassment By Multiple Criminals. There are times when you’ll get ganged up on by thugs, but you’ll be able to fend them off using fisticuffs. Show those miscreants a thing or two!

Secondary Missions

In addition to going through the city to find story missions, there are also secondary missions available in Manhattan, focusing on key characters from the Marvel universe.

The first is Peggy Carter, who initially appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger before moving to television in her own ABC series. These are found throughout the city and involve everything from transporting her to an audition to taking on the dreaded S.S.R. However, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts by unlocking a character with each mission – including Squirrel Girl!

Next up is Lou Ferrigno, who as many Marvel fans recall was the original Incredible Hulk on TV years ago. He’s also in the game, and has a smaller amount of missions to complete, but he can lead to unlocking new characters.

Finally, poor Stan Lee is in trouble throughout the Marvel world. Along with finding him in various spots during main missions, he’s run into back luck in Manhattan as well. You’ll have to look everywhere – from Central Park to Marvel H.Q. to East Harlem – to find all his scenarios, but thankfully it’s one situation in each district.


Finally, along with finding all the characters, criminal acts and joyrides within the game, there are also collectibles strewn throughout. Here are the two main types you’ll find in each part of the city.

Character Token: These are vital to collectors, as they unlock certain characters within the game. You’ll have to take on some mini-missions in order to add them to your roster, but they’re fairly easy for the most part. These range from familiar favorites like She-Hulk to more obscure characters from the past, like Cloud 9.

Gold Bricks: These are some valuable collectibles you’ll earn throughout the game, mainly by completing missions or earning a “True Believer” rank (by collecting the required number of bits to fill a bar). However, you can find extra Gold Bricks strewn throughout the city, mainly hidden out of place. Our guide breaks down their locations, though they do require a bit of searching. Still, they’re worth it to those that want to finish the game completely.