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The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes Tips – Rupees, Materials, Lucky Lobby Ball

by Prima Games Staff

It pays to have keen fashion sense in The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes, where knowing what to put on will help teams of three survive the game’s dungeons. There’s more to this 3DS adventure than simple sword swinging, and Prima’s TriForce Heroes tips will help you communicate with other players, gain access to cool threads and earn lots of Rupees along the way.

Don’t Waste Hearts 

Instead of each player having his or her own life bar, all three gamers share the hearts. This adds a unique challenge to TriForce Heroes, since reckless players put the team in jeopardy. Play cautiously and work together to keep all of your hearts. 

Building off this, make sure to open every Treasure Chest you come across. Some hold Rupees while others contain hearts, allowing you replenish lost health. While on the subject of teamwork, this leads to our next tip. 

If you play TriForce Heroes alone, the game gives you two Doppels, in addition to the Link you control. You’ll need to switch between these characters during gameplay. 

Communicate with Fellow Players 

If you enjoy TriForce Heroes with two friends in person, it’ll be easy to communicate. Online is a whole other matter since the game doesn’t come with microphone support. Thankfully Nintendo included pre-set tiles you’ll see on the touchscreen, and each one features a different message. Give the thumbs up if a teammate did something helpful, or select the “Nooo!” tile if you disagree. There’s even a confusion tile for when you have no idea what someone’s up to.

Wear Outfits for Strategic Advantages 

Apparently you can beat TriForce Heroes or at the very least make a serious dent in the campaign without wearing outfits, but considering they play such a huge role in the game, you should exchange Link’s familiar Green Tunic for something fashion forward. Most importantly, and depending on the outfit, each player will gain a unique ability that’ll help defeat monsters and clear dungeons. The Kokiri Clothes, for example, let you fire three arrows per shot, while the Zora Costume helps Link swim faster than normal.

Put on whichever outfit you’d like before starting a level, but keep in mind some only work in specific environments. You wouldn’t wear the Zora Costume in a place without water, or the Goron Garb with no lava in sight. Consider the environment and Sub-Weapons (if you pick up a bow and arrow, put on the Kokiri Clothes), then select the outfit that best fits the situation. 

Additionally, while everyone can wear the same outfit, sometimes it’s best for each Link to put on a different one. Have one Link wear the Rupee Regalia (increases the chance of finding Rupees), another Link wear Queen of Hearts (gives the team three more Heart Containers) and maybe the final Link can slip into the Light Armor to illuminate a dark area. Not a bad combo. 

How to Make Outfits in TriForce Heroes

Madame Couture won’t simply hand over outfits. You must find Materials and then bring these precious items to her so she can create the clothing you desire. Each outfit requires a predetermined amount of Materials and Rupees to create. In most cases you earn Materials at the end of the game’s levels, though other times you’ll need to purchase them in Town from the Street Merchant (make sure you have a lot of Rupees) and from playing the mini-game in the Daily Riches shop. 

You may also acquire Materials from winning matches in the Coliseum, a competitive multiplayer mode where you battle other players. You stand to earn rare Golden Materials, but there’s only a 20 percent chance it’ll happen, which makes Coliseum a bit of a grind but definitely worth the effort. 

You will even earn Materials from completing Challenges, special missions that unlock after you beat four levels in each World. Some Challenges put you at a disadvantage. One may give you less Heart Containers, while another will ask you to beat a stage using only Bombs. Tough to finish but you’ll enjoy the rewards.

Form Totems to Solve Puzzles 

Press the A button to pick up a teammate and throw him or her onto someone else’s shoulders. It’s possible to stack all three Links to form a Totem. This gives you the chance to access platforms you otherwise couldn’t reach, solve puzzles and even defeat bosses, where stacking is the only way to hit the creature’s weak point. 

Find the Lucky Lobby Ball 

Visit the multiplayer lobby and hit the walls by pressing the R button.  There’s a special area of the room (it changes each time you visit) that when struck causes the Lucky Lobby Ball to appear. When it does, strike the ball repeatedly to prevent it from landing on the ground. Doing this causes music from The Legend of Zelda series to play, and there’s the added bonus of earning Rupees. The longer the Lucky Lobby Ball remains in the air, the more virtual loot you’ll stuff into Link’s pockets.

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