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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds- Lost Maiamais 1-25

by Prima Games Staff

There are plenty of secrets and hidden collectibles in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Chief among them, Maiamais, the strangely named and odd creatures scattered throughout Hyrule and Lorule. To find these critters, you must first rent bombs from Ravio, then use the explosives to gain access to a cave located to the east of Link’s house. In fact, there’s a sign just outside the entrance warning of something mysterious living inside.

Thankfully, Mother Maiamai is kind and not in the mood to snack on Link. Instead, she gives you the Maiamai Map that shows the locations of all 100 lost Maiamais. Catching these little guys, though, will take some brain power. You don’t simply walk up to them. Instead, you’ll need to merge into walls, dash into objects and even utilize special items like the Tornado Rod to blow away Tornado Tiles, Zora’s Flippers to swim and the Sand Rod to uncover Maiamais.  That said, we’ll tell you how to find them all, starting with 1-25. 

How to find all the lost Maiamais.

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Lost Maiamai #1: Probably the easiest to find Maiamai of all. While in the Lake Hylia region, you’ll see it stuck to the wall near Mother Maiamai’s cave.

Lost Maiamai #2 (Sanctuary & Zora’s Domain): You’ll find this Maiamai on a wall inside the Witch’s house. 

Lost Maiamai #3 (Sanctuary & Zora’s Domain): This Maiamai got stuck on a high wall just above a pit.  You’ll see it while traveling to Zora’s Domain, and will need to merge to grab it. 

Lost Maiamai #4 (Sanctuary & Zora’s Domain): Get ready for a dip! The Maiamai is in Zora Lake, right outside the Zora Queen’s cave.

Lost Maiamai #5 (Sanctuary & Zora’s Domain): We hope you brought Zora’s Flippers. The Maiamai is on a wall above a ladder.

Lost Maiamai #6 (Sanctuary & Zora’s Domain): It’s underneath the water, close to a wooden bridge along the Zora River.

Lost Maiamai #7 (Sanctuary & Zora’s Domain): Trapped on a wall southwest of the Sanctuary.

Lost Maiamai #8 (Lost Woods): It’s under the water in a small pond, just north of the Blacksmith.

Lost Maiamai #9 (Lost Woods): Head south of Rosso’s place (you know, the ore miner). The Maiamai is stuck on a cliff.

Lost Maiamai #10 (Lost Woods): When you reach the entrance to Lost Woods, this Maiamai is underneath a small rock.

Lost Maiamai #11 (Lost Woods): After grabbing the previous Maiamai, look for this one in the same area, inside of a bush.

Lost Maiamai #12 (Lost Woods): This Maiamai is in a tree near the entrance to Lost Woods. Use the Pegasus Boots and run into the tree to knock the creature down.

Lost Maiamai #13 (Lost Woods): You’ll find it underneath a small rock at the passage north of Kakariko Village. Keep in mind you need the hammer to hit the pegs. 

Lost Maiamai #14 (Kakariko Village): Look for this Maiamai in a bush on Kakariko Village’s east side. 

Lost Maiamai #15 (Kakariko Village): While in Kakariko Village, the Maiamai is under a rock atop a roof. Be sure to grab a cucco and glide towards the roof from Sahasrahla’s home. 

Lost Maiamai #16 (Lost Woods): Simple enough to find. The Maiamai is stuck to the Fortune-Teller’s tent.

Lost Maiamai #17 (Hyrule Castle): Hidden inside of a tree behind Blacksmith’s Forge. Dash into it with the Pegasus Boots.

Lost Maiamai #18 (Hyrule Castle): While at Blacksmith’s Forge, look for the Maiamai underneath Tornado Tiles. You’ll need the Tornado Rod. 

Lost Maiamai #19 (Hyrule Castle): Buried beneath Tornado Tiles south of Hyrule Castle. 

Lost Maiamai #20 (Hyrule Castle): Walk over to the west side of Hyrule Castle. You’ll see it in a tree near the wall.

Lost Maiamai #21 (Hyrule Castle): The Maiamai is on the back of Link’s house. Merge to reach it. 

Lost Maiamai #22 (Hyrule Castle): Hidden inside a tree to the west of Link’s home.

Lost Maiamai #23 (Hyrule Castle): In a tree (visible) at the north end of Gulley’s woods.

Lost Maiamai #24 (Hyrule Castle): In a tree east of Cucco Ranch. It’s near the fence. 

Lost Maiamai #25 (Lost Woods): The Maiamai is on a wall during the Rupee Rush mini-game area. Pay 50 Rupees to play the game, then investigate the playing field.

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