Good news League fans, the League of Legends Summer Split event is just around the corner and we’ve got details on all of the Watch Missions and rewards that can be earned for viewing. As you may know, the LoL Summer Split event serves as a qualifier for the World Championships later this year, which will be here before we know it. So you’ll want to check out some of the Summer Split matches and cheer on your favorite competitor ahead of the fall competition, all while you earn some great rewards.

League of Legends Summer Split - Watch Missions and Rewards

Viewers will have four opportunities to earn rewards during the League of Legends Summer Split event, all of which simply require watching matches. Summer Split has already begun and will run through September, so there will be plenty of time to earn the rewards. Below is a list of all of the League of Legends Summer Split Watch Mission rewards.

  • Hextech Chest and Key - Watch 1 LCS or LEC game on Lolesports
  • Hextech Chest and Key - Watch 5 LCS or LEC games on Lolesports
  • It Was Me! Emote - Watch 10 LCS or LEC games on Lolesports
  • Hextech Chest and Key - Watch 15 LCS or LEC games on Lolesports

As you can see, to earn LoL Summer Split rewards, players will simply need to watch a handful of games on the official Lolesports website. It’s worth noting that watching the events via the official Twitch and YouTube channels won’t count towards the rewards. Instead, players must be signed in to the Lolesports website to begin earning rewards.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Summer Split schedule will be a little bit different than it has been in previous years. There will be a total of 10 matches every week, with the majority of them airing Friday-Sunday. Since the event and rewards will be running through September, everyone should have plenty of time to unlock the rewards before the Summer Split comes to a close. 

It seems the Summer Split isn’t the only League of Legends event to be affected by COVID-19, as the series’ upcoming animated TV show was recently delayed due to the pandemic. The series was initially set to release in 2020 but has since been pushed back to a 2021 release. You can check out the official announcement for the animated series in the video below:

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