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LawBreakers – How to Get More Creds

by Josh Hawkins

LawBreakers is a fast-paced, hero-based first-person shooter game that focuses on the battle between the Law and the Breakers. Set within arenas that offer gravity-free fighting zones, players must battle it out using one of the eight roles available. Players can make these characters their own by upgrading their customization options, including stickers, weapon skins, character skins, and even kick decals. In this article we’ll discuss how to get more Creds in LawBreakers, which are required to purchase more decals and skins.

While the game is currently in beta, this article will also apply to earning Creds when LawBreakers fully releases. If the developers change how you earn Creds, then we’ll be sure to update our article as needed.

How to Get More Creds

Like other hero-based first-person shooter games, LawBreakers offers “loot drops” or as they call them in the game, Stash Drops. These are drops that players can earn through leveling and achievements, which when opened will grant them a small set of items. While you aren’t guaranteed a Creds drop every time that you open up a Stash Drop, you do have a small chance of receiving a Creds drop instead of a skin or decal.

Also, it should be noted, if you acquire any skins, decals, or stickers that you already have in your inventory, you will receive a small amount of Creds for it, depending on the item. This makes it so that you don’t have to worry about duplicate items clogging up your inventory space.

How to Open Stash Drops

When you obtain new Stash Drops, you can open them via a button on the game’s main menu. You cannot open Stash Drops while in an active lobby, though, so you will have to exit out of any active lobbies and select the option from the main menu while you are not in a game. Right now, as the game is in beta, all of the progress made in this beta will be lost after it ends, so you’ll have to reacquire any Cred, skins, or decals that you earn or unlock throughout the beta.

You can find out more about the game, like when the beta ends, by checking out our other articles on the game. We’ll also have some role guides coming in the near future, so you should definitely check out our guide on how to play Battle Medic, which will go over everything you need to know to take the enemy down and keep your teammates alive.

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LawBreakers will be available on PlayStation 4 and PC, and users can dive into the action with the latest beta right now.

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