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LawBreakers – Assassin Tips

by Josh Hawkins

The Assassin is one of the squishiest roles in LawBreakers, but this also makes it one of the fastest. If you want to dash through your enemies without them ever knowing it, then this class is the way to go. In this article we’ll go over LawBreakers Assassin tips, including all of the Assassin’s abilities, their Primary and Secondary weapons, as well as how you can use the class to help your team win the match.

How to Play as Assassin

Both Hellion and Kitsune (the Assassin’s for each side) are fast moving attackers that focus on dual swords as their primary weapon. This means you have to get up close and personal, which can be a bit challenging in the wrong terrain. Keep to the shadows, and use flank routes to move around, and make use of the Assassin’s grappling hook, which you can use to swing from place to place quite effectively. You can also use the grappling hook to close the distance between you and enemies.

The Assassin’s Secondary is a shotgun called the Romerus. This weapon can be quite effective for those times when you can get close, just not close enough to hit your opponent with your swords. The damage falls off quite a bit the further away you get, and after a few meters the shotgun becomes pretty much useless. You can also change the Romerus’ firing mode, which will allow you to instantly empty an entire magazine into your opponent, which can kill all but the healthiest of Titans in the game.

The entire Assassin role is built around moving quickly, attacking quickly, and then darting away to safety. With just 250HP available, it doesn’t take long for either of the two Assassin characters in LawBreakers to reach rock bottom. This is where the grappling hook and dash come into play. Players can make use of these two items up to three times in quick succession. Each time you use it, you’ll need to wait for it to recharge, so try not to dash around enemies too much if you don’t have enough charges to get back out.

The Flux Blast, the Assassin’s throwable, is very useful for knocking opponents away, or for blocking incoming projectiles, and players should make use of it whenever they can to reduce the amount of damage they take in. If you plan to play as an Assassin, we’d suggest learning the locations of HP drops around the map, that way you can always refill your health and get back into the fight.

Mastering the Assassin role is tough, and players will need to be wary about when and where they engage the enemy. Do you have enough dash charges to escape? Is your health lower than it should be? How many enemies are around you? These are all questions that Assassin players should ask before engaging enemies in gunfights in LawBreakers. If you can learn to ask these questions, and use the information we’ve provided to assist you in your fight, you should find yourself getting a grasp on the Assassin role quite quickly.

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