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The Last of Us Remastered – Top 5 Multiplayer Tips

by Prima Games Staff

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There is no question that The Last of Us Remastered is an excellent single-player experience. The multiplayer, however, isn’t too shabby. Team based combat and masterfully crafted maps make it a great option for anyone who owns a PlayStation 4. Of course, playing and winning are two different things, and when it comes to The Last of Us Remastered, this post apocalyptic multiplayer is as unforgiving as an angry Bloater. With that in mind, here are five essential tips to help you survive at least one more day.

I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends

Developers are always going on about why you need to play as a team in order to be successful in their games. Sometimes it’s true, but for the most part, lone wolves learned to get by for quite a few years. With The Last of Us Remastered, however, it might be time for players to think about adopting the buddy system.

Due to limited respawns and health that doesn’t automatically regenerate when you’re wounded, team play is essential if you want to win. When they have less of something, players tend to value their lives a lot more, thus making numbers and strategy important. By playing with friends and turning on your microphone, you can ensure that you are never the lone wolf and know about everything. Stick close to your pals, calling out enemies and changing up your game plan each round. If you and your team can learn to get along, you’re bound to be the ones who live to fight again.

Peek-a-Boo, I See You

Whether it’s Battlefield 4 or The Last of Us Remastered, it seems like we never get to stop telling people to mark the bad guys. It only takes a second to do this, and it’s quite often the difference between life and death. Still, no matter how loud we shout it from the rooftops, nobody does it… ever.

In The Last of Us Remastered, marking an enemy is as simple as clicking the R3 button while aiming at them. This will tag them with a marker that can be seen through walls, allowing your team to anticipate their movements and avoid traps. In fact, you can even mark Nail Bombs (or just shoot to destroy them), making sure that you don’t have to pick shrapnel out of your pal’s butt later.

Stop Hitting That Man

Before we tell you not to do them, let us first state that executing someone with your fists in The Last of Us Remastered is too much fun. In fact, that’s probably why everybody does it. Still, it’s almost never worth the risk, and for the most part can be avoided, or even used to your advantage.

Any time you run up to a downed opponent and try to finish him or her off with some UFC style ground-and-pound, you’re leaving yourself open to attack. Since most people tend to run in packs, there’s a good chance your vulnerable foe isn’t alone, and you’re going to die while punching a hole in his face. In times like these, why not just shoot him one more time from a distance? Why risk death just for a few extra points? Considering that roughly 25 percent of our deaths (and likely yours) come from melee executions, it might be time to try a more tactically beneficial approach. Hey, you can even shoot their buddy when they show up to revive him or her. Two for one!

Sometimes You Gotta Be the Bait

As we already discussed, people love executions, and can rarely pass up the opportunity to perform one. This is where you get to leave this infected world while simultaneously helping out your team.

Let’s say you’re in a downed state and nobody on your team is able to reach you. You could lay in a corner while you bleed out, or you could use your last breaths to crawl out into the open and play the role of bait. With any luck, one of your glory-seeking opponents will rush out into the street to finish you off, hopefully giving one of your teammates a chance to get some revenge, and maybe even-up the score a bit. Who knows, perhaps you’ll get really lucky and get revived. Just don’t get your hopes up.

Don’t Get Up, I’ll Come to You

That heading is exactly what you don’t want to do, but Come to me, I don’t want to get up seemed strange. You see, years of cookie-cutter multiplayer experiences have taught players to run around with little or no value placed on their lives. When you jump into The Last of Us Remastered, most people you encounter have brought that old way of thinking with them, at least at first.

When the round begins, move up and try to collect some parts, but make sure that you stop and take cover long before the enemy sees you. The point of this is twofold. First, by crouching and not moving, you’re likely going avoid them being able to spot you in Listen Mode, and second, when they break cover to advance, you’re going to shoot them. You want to avoid outright camping, but why not pause for a few seconds at the start of the round to take advantage of your opponent’s weakness?

The Last of Us Complete Walkthrough and Guide