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The Last Guardian – New Costumes and Outfits

by Josh Hawkins

The Last Guardian may be an atmospheric adventure, but that hasn’t stopped the developers from adding in a few secrets along the way. One of these secrets is the fact that you can unlock new outfits and costumes for the boy. In this article we’ll show you how to get these new costumes and outfits, as well as detail how you can unlock each outfit in the game.

How to Get new Outfits

Getting new outfits is actually pretty simple in written form. Unlike most games, The Last Guardian isn’t riddled with different collectibles and shiny items to locate and claim. Instead, players only need to worry about one item throughout the game, Barrels. Barrels, which also work as Trico’s food source, are the only collectible included throughout the adventure that players undertake in The Last Guardian. Because of this, the outfits that you unlock are tied to how many Barrels you find and feed to Trico during your journey.

To view your outfits you must first complete the game. Once you know how to get the true ending for The Last Guardian, watch it, and then begin the game anew. This will start you back over with Trico locked in chains. Once you gain control of the boy, press the Options button on your controller, and then scroll down to the Options menu. Inside Options, scroll down to Items. This will open up the Items menu, where you can view the different outfits that you have available.

As mentioned above, Outfits are unlocked by finding and feeding Barrels to Trico. If you’re having trouble finding Barrels, make sure to check out our all Barrel locations guide to help you unlock each outfit. Barrels can be tough to find, though, so be prepared to spend a good deal of time exploring each area in the game.

All the Outfits You can Unlock

There are currently five outfits that you can unlock and equip. We’ve outlined them all below, as well as listed the amount of barrels that you’ll need to find to unlock them. It should also be noted that Barrels count across multiple games, so, as long as you don’t start a New Game explicitly, the Barrels from your first playthrough will continue to count alongside the second playthrough.

  • Enduring Attire – 24 Barrels
  • Homecoming Costume – 32 Barrels
  • Horned Apparel – 48 Barrels
  • Warrior’s Clothes – 64 Barrels
  • Fine Featherpainter – 96 Barrels

Once you’ve unlocked a new outfit, try it on and see if you like it. You can also unlock a special Badge of Honor for Trico. This unlocks automatically, though, so long as you finish the game at least once. Remember not to start a New Game, or your Barrel progress will be removed, making it harder to get more outfits. Make sure to head back over to our The Last Guardian walkthrough for more in-depth features on the game, or even take a look at our explanation of The Last Guardian’s ending.

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