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Last Epoch Beta Update 0.9i2: Full Patch Notes Listed

Smaller patches are always welcome

by Patrick Souza
Last Epoch 0.9i Beta Patch Notes

Last Epoch has dropped yet another update to its seemly endless Beta period. Yeah, I know the game should be fully released later this year, but it feels like it has been in Early Acess forever. But it’s not like the game’s abandoned, as various updates are still dropping to this day, and new patches are being dropped regularly.

The most recent one was 0.9i2, a follow-up patch to revert some of the changes introduced in the game’s previous update that ended up not being as great as they sounded. Those types of smaller patches are very common, and according to developers, more of those are yet to come at a later date.

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Last Epoch Beta Update 0.9i2: Full Patch Notes Listed

Below are the changes introduced in this brief update to the game. Not much was changed, and just like in the previous patch, there’s no real new content just yet.

This update fixes a few regressions that were introduced by 0.9i. We are monitoring for any other bugs that are new to this update, and otherwise, our priorities are the same as in our last post. Thank you for your patience and for reporting bugs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where channeled abilities did not work in Offline if they were not assigned to the first action bar slot (Q by default).
  • Fixed Disintegrate being invisible when converted to Fire or Lighting (the default visual worked).
  • Fixed a bug where items that dropped while item labels are hidden (Z / Alt-Z) would still be hidden after turning item labels back on.

And there you have it. Last Epoch is stated to be officially out during 2023, but there’s no release date yet. Prima Games will be sure to document any news or updates to be announced, so don’t worry about missing any of those.

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