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Knowing Your Passive Attack Power-Ups In Pac-Man 256

by Prima Games Staff

We’ve previously discussed the more powerful power-ups available in Pac-Man 256 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and mobile, but there are other passive power-ups available that provide a number of abilities that will do you good. Here’s the rundown of passive Pac-Man 256 power-ups you can pick up!


With this, you can create a tornado that randomly runs around the playfield, sucking up any ghosts that it comes into contact with. This is great for clearing out a path so you can keep moving forward.


Similar to the Tornado, the Twinado doubles the effect of this Pac-Man 256 power-up, with two Tornadoes instead of one. As a result, you’ll clear out the area much faster, and be able to get moving even quicker.


Want to confuse some ghosts or, better yet, go on the offensive and eat more with a power pellet? Pick up this power-up and create multiple clones on the playfield, which will help you pack up points as you eat more ghosts.


With this Pac-Man 256 power-up, you’ll be invisible to ghosts, becoming less threatened as you pass through hallways undetected. This is especially good against alert and sleeping ghosts, since they won’t go after you until you reappear.


This is a great defensive Pac-Man 256 power-up, which you can set anywhere on the map. Then, any ghosts that go running into them will automatically be taken out, and you’ll score a lovely point bonus as a result.


While this Pac-Man 256 power-up won’t do anything against the ghosts primarily, it will assist you by sucking up multiplying fruit and dots in your three-dot radius, picking up your score immensely.


This has similar effects to the Freeze tool in Pac-Man 256, as it stops ghosts in their path. However, it also drops stalactites from above, and can take out any of them that it comes into contact with. It’s great for clearing out groups.


Last but certainly not least, Regen is a unique Pac-Man 256 power-up that recreates any Pac-Dots that you’ve eaten in your immediate area, so you can chow down again and add even more points to the board.

Enjoy using these Pac-Man 256 power-ups to your heart’s content!

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