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Kingdom Hearts 3 – Twilight Town Lucky Emblem Locations

by Larryn Bell

After you have finished photographing every Lucky Emblem in Olympus, the next order of business is to find all the Lucky Emblems hidden throughout Twilight Town. There are nine Lucky Emblems in Twilight Town total, and we’ll help explain where to search for any you might have missed in the guide below.

All Lucky Emblems in Twilight Town

For those who don’t know, Lucky Emblems are hidden symbols in Kingdom Hearts 3 that are shaped like Mickey Mouse heads. They can be etched onto walls, imprinted on surfaces, or even hovering on the horizon.

The way players collect each Lucky Emblem is by snapping a photograph of them using the camera feature on their in-game Gummiphone. As long as you can align the Lucky Emblem into the square when in photo mode, you can add the emblem to your collection. Credit to our friends at Allgamers for providing us with screenshots.

Twilight Town Lucky Emblem #1

Starting at the Tram Common spawn point in Twilight Town’s main marketplace, turn left to spot the first Lucky Emblem symbol on the wall above the benches near Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

Twilight Town Lucky Emblem #2

The next Lucky Emblem is found on top of the Moogle Shop in the center of the marketplace, just a few steps from where you found the first one. Climb up the side of the shop and look down onto the chimneys. The Mickey symbol will be flat on top one of them.

Twilight Town Lucky Emblem #3

From the main marketplace, follow the road and enter the movie theater area. Wait until the Mickey and Sora movie ends, then examine the screen itself to find another Lucky Emblem just left of center.

Twilight Town Lucky Emblem #4

Climb up onto the rooftop of the building adjacent to the movie theater and look for a small table with some chairs. The three plates on the table form another Mickey head, so get up higher to snap a photo of the next Lucky Emblem in Twilight Town.

Twilight Town Lucky Emblem #5

This next Lucky Emblem is highly mobile, as it is found on top of the moving trolley that occasionally passes through. When the trolley approaches, jump on top and search near the rear to spot a small Lucky Emblem embedded in the metal roof.

Twilight Town Lucky Emblem #6

To find the next Lucky Emblem, you’ll need to make your way to the Woods just outside of Twilight Town. To get there, you’ll have to head through the Underground Conduit, which is somewhat like the sewers of Twilight Town. Continue through the underground passages and up a series of stairs until you can jump out of a doorway leading outside. As soon as you exit the underground area, turn around and look at the wooden doors to find the Lucky Emblem.

Twilight Town Lucky Emblem #7

The seventh Mikey-shaped Lucky Emblem is not far from where you found the previous one. Starting at the doorway leaving the underground, turn right and run up the brick wall. Halfway up the wall, you’ll reach a ledge. The Lucky Emblem is imprinted on the wall here.

Twilight Town Lucky Emblem #8

Make your way through the Woods and head toward the mansion. Not far from the old hollow log, look for a grassy knoll with a small Lucky Emblem made of sunlight.

Twilight Town Lucky Emblem #9

The final Lucky Emblem in the world of Twilight Town is found just outside of the Old Mansion. On the outer wall, you’ll spot a Lucky Emblem between some vines to the left of the gate.

Now that you know where to track down every Lucky Emblem in Kingdom Hearts 3’s Twilight Town, you are well on your way to unlocking the game’s secret video. If you missed any Mickeys in Olympus, be sure to look over our guide on all Lucky Emblem locations in Olympus as well to ensure you don’t miss any collectibles.

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