Kingdom Hearts 3 – Olympus Lucky Emblem Locations

We’ll show you where to track down all 12 Lucky Emblems in the world of Olympus in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Among the many collectibles in Kingdom Hearts 3, the Lucky Emblems are likely the ones you’ll want to prioritize if you wish to unlock the secret video in the game. Each world contains a certain number of Lucky Emblems for players to discover, with a dozen of them tucked away in the world of Olympus. We’ll explain where to find each of the Lucky Emblems in Olympus in Kingdom Hearts 3 so you can add them to your collection.

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All Lucky Emblems in Olympus

In Kingdom Hearts 3, there are a total of 12 Lucky Emblems in the world of Olympus for players to discover. Lucky Emblems resemble the shape of a Mickey Mouse head. Players must use the in-game camera function on the Gummiphone to snap a photograph of each Lucky Emblem and add them to their collection.

The tricky part about finding all the Lucky Emblems in Olympus is the fact that some of them can only be found after the city is restored, which means you can’t find them all on your first visit. You’ll need to come back to Thebes later after the construction is completed to find the remaining Lucky Emblems. Credit goes to our friends at Allgamers for the images used below.

Olympus Lucky Emblem #1

The first Lucky Emblem in Olympus can be found near the start of the game. Climb up the waterfall at Cliff Ascent after defeating the Heartless and continue up the right side to find the Mickey head stamped into the rock behind the thin waterfall.

Olympus Lucky Emblem #2

Continuing through Cliff Ascent, look for a set of pillars along the cliffside. There is one pillar just before some rocky stairs that has the Lucky Emblem stamped into its side.

Olympus Lucky Emblem #3

Before you leave Cliff Ascent for the next darker section, look over the edge of the cliffside, not far from the previous Lucky Emblem. On top of a rock formation, there is a block of stone shaped like a Mickey head. Snap a photo of it to obtain the next Lucky Emblem.

Olympus Lucky Emblem #4

Things aren’t always bright and cheery in Cliff Ascent. You will eventually reach a dark section of the region full of rainfall. Look for a gnarled tree along the path, not far from where one of the Heartless spawns. View the vines hanging from the tree in different angles to spot some Mickey-shaped vines to find the last Lucky Emblem in Cliff Ascent.

Olympus Lucky Emblem #5

The next series of Lucky Emblems can be found once Thebes has been restored. From the first spawn location in Agora, run across the town square slightly to the right and look for a small set of stairs on the opposite side. If you stand back a bit, you should see the Lucky Emblem strewn across the steps.

Olympus Lucky Emblem #6

From the town square in Agora where you found the previous Lucky Emblem, head up the stairs on the left leading to The Big Olive area. Continue up the stairs on the right and pass behind the series of pillars. Jump over the broken slabs and look for a large gold disk. To the left will be a Lucky Emblem imprinted in stone.

Olympus Lucky Emblem #7

Fast travel to the gazebo spawn location in the Gardens. Go up the steps and continue down the path. Rather than entering the room with the Golden Herc figure on the right, head to the left and run up the wall to reach Overlook. Continue along the burnt path until you reach a large set of stairs. On the left wall, there is a Lucky Emblem in the bricks.

Olympus Lucky Emblem #8

Fast travel to Overlook, the second spawn location in Thebes. From the spawn point, turn around and head up the stairs. When you reach the landing at the top, you’ll find a small Lucky Emblem etched into the wall between some potted plants.

Olympus Lucky Emblem #9

The last few Lucky Emblems in Olympus are found within the Realm of the Gods. Starting from the Corridors fast travel location, run up the stairs across from the save point. At the base of the stairs ahead, there is another Lucky Emblem in the wall.

Olympus Lucky Emblem #10

Make your way to the forge by sliding along the track ahead of the previous Lucky Emblem location and falling from the edge of the waterfall. When you land, continue down the stairs and turn left to find a Mickey head in the side of the golden anvil.

Olympus Lucky Emblem #11

From the forge, return to the Corridor area of the Realm of the Gods by riding the green track beyond the anvil. Defeat the Heartless that spawn in the next room, then break a few pots in the room before leaving. Examine the wall to find one more Lucky Emblem.

Olympus Lucky Emblem #12

For the final Lucky Emblem in Olympus, make your way over to Cloud Ridge by using the rail up the left stairs from the Corridor. Defeat the Heartless in the next area, then continue to an overlook near some stairs. Out on the clouds, you’ll see a Mickey head that you can photograph for the last Lucky Emblem.

Now that you know where to track down all 12 Lucky Emblems in Olympus, you’ll want to check out our guide on all Lucky Emblems in Twilight Town next. Browse through our other Kingdom Hearts 3 guides as well for more collectibles.

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