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Kingdom Come Deliverance – Saintly Remains Quest

by Bryan Dawson

People have gotten pretty far in Kingdom Come Deliverance, which means there are quite a few people trying to figure out what better remains are in the Saintly Remains quest. This quest isn’t overly difficult once you understand what that means and how to come upon these better remains. In this article we cover how to complete the Kingdom Come Deliverance Saintly Remains quest so you can move on with the rest of the game and hopefully finish it soon!

Saintly Remains Quest

Once you’ve started the Saintly Remains quest you’ll be tasked with searching for better remains, namely the remains of Saint Procopius. That’s where most people are having issues, so that’s what we’ll be focusing on here. This quest would be a little easier if the area you’re required to search in wasn’t so large, so we’ll help narrow things down a bit.

You need to speak with the charlatan in town. If you’re having trouble finding his location, look for him near the market traders. Once you find him you can purchase the Saint’s remains which will allow you to complete this quest. There’s a bit that needs to be done before you need to search for better remains, but all of that is fairly self-explanatory.

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