Learn Alchemy and Brew Potions in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Learn where to get alchemy training so you can brew potions in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Understanding alchemy and how to brew potions is an important skill to learn in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Potions are not only used to help you save your game, but they can also provide various stat bonuses and benefits for Henry. You’ll need to learn the basics of alchemy if you want to be able to craft potions and decoctions. Follow the steps in this guide to get alchemy training and learn how to brew potions in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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How to Get Alchemy Training in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Learning how to brew potions requires players to seek out someone who can give Henry alchemy training in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. While there are different avenues for learning alchemy in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, we’ll show you where to go to get alchemy training relatively early in the game.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance How to Brew Savior Schnapps

After completing the Awakening main story quest and settling down in Rattay, you can begin pursuing a new teacher to help train you in alchemy.

Before you can begin your training, however, you must first learn how to read so that you can decipher the text in alchemy recipes. Head over to our guide on learning how to read in Kingdom Come: Deliverance to help Henry become literate.

Of course, learning alchemy also comes at a price. Make sure you save up 60 Groschen so that you can pay your teacher for his training services.

Visit the Apothecary in Rattay

Once you’re ready for alchemy training, head to Rattay and look for the Apothecary shop in the town square. The Apothecary is located near the lower gate, which you can fast travel to for convenience. Arrive after 10 a.m. to ensure the Apothecary is open and available.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Apothacary location

Speak to the Apothecary inside and choose the Training dialogue option. Tell the Apothecary that you’d like to receive basic alchemy training, which will cost you 60 Groschen unless you can haggle him down to 50.

After you have received basic alchemy training from the Apothecary, you will now be able to use Alchemy Tables in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, like the one located in the back room behind the Apothecary shop. 

At Alchemy Tables, you will be able to craft and brew potions that you know the recipes for, such as Savior Schnapps. There’s an extensive list of alchemy potion recipes in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but if you know how to read the recipe, crafting potions is as easy as gathering herbs and following a few steps.

Although there’s no love potion in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, that doesn’t mean Henry can’t bed a few lovely ladies. With the right moves, you can romance both Lady Stephanie and Theresa in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Head over to our Kingdom Come: Deliverance game hub to learn more.

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