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Kingdom Come Deliverance – A Bird in the Hand Quest Guide

by Bryan Dawson

While playing through Kingdom Come Deliverance you may encounter a quest that requires you to trap three nightingales. Some people have had trouble figuring out how to set the trap so we’re here to help you out. This article covers how to trap the nightingales so you can complete the Kingdom Come Deliverance A Bird in The Hand quest. Once you know how to trap one nightingale, the rest of the quest is very easy to complete.

A Bird in the Hand Quest

Head into the forest and listen for the call of the nightingale. It’s a very distinct call, and if you listened to the quest giver, you shouldn’t have a problem hearing it. Move toward the direction of the sound until it’s very loud, indicating that the nightingale is close. Usually you’ll find the nightingales in trees making it easier to determine where the call is coming from.

Once you’ve figured out where the nightingale is located, go into your inventory and select the Other tab. This is where the empty bird cages have been placed. However, you can’t simply perform the action of setting the trap. Instead, simply drop an empty bird cage right next to the tree where the nightingale is chirping.

With the empty bird cage on the ground you should get a notification that the trap has been set. Now back away and wait for one hour of in-game time. When you return from the waiting screen you’ll notice the bird has now been trapped in the cage. Repeat this process two more times to capture all three nightingales and complete the quest.

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