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Killer Instinct: Advanced Tip – Using Manual Cancels

by Prima Games Staff

Now that we’ve covered the basic combo structure, let’s look into a more advanced feature of the combo system. Instead of using Auto-Doubles (where you automatically get two hits from pressing one button), you can use a Manual Cancel. Manuals can replace Auto-Doubles in combos and are an advanced way to make combos harder to break. To perform a Manual, you need to precisely time a normal attack after an Opener, Linker, or Shadow Linker. This cancels the last five recovery frames of the Opener or the Linker, giving you five additional frames on top of the frame advantage on hit to get a Manual in. A Manual Cancel is much harder to break then an Auto-Double because you can only break it during the Manual’s short Hitstop, which is a freeze-frame when the attack connects. Perfecting the use of Manual Cancels can make it a nightmare for your opponent because of just how strict the timing can be to combo break it, making Manuals a great way to consistently hunt for lock outs.

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