Killer Instinct 10th Anniversary Update Announced at EVO 2023

Killer Instinct lives on

Killer Instinct

EVO 2023 has delighted longtime fans of Killer Instinct with the announcement of the Killer Instinct 10th Anniversary Update. Killer Instinct released on the Xbox One in 2013 as a reboot of the series that first launched back in 1994. Passionate fans of Killer Instinct have enjoyed its numerous updates and roster updates since its initial launch and can now be assured that the game continues to live on in 2023.

Killer Instinct New Update Releases Later This Year

James Goddard took to the stage to share his excitement and passion for Killer Instinct. From humble beginnings where they just assumed it would be a cool game, to how it developed into something much more. It is clear that Goddard is just as excited to share the news as fans are to hear the announcement for the first time. EVO shared a clip of Goddard discussing Killer Instinct from initial release to the announcement, which you can view below.

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Whilst the vast majority of details surrounding the update have yet to be revealed, some exciting elements have been shared so far. Such as, balance adjustments, improvements to matchmaking, and 4K support for Xbox consoles. These quality-of-life updates aim to see Killer Instinct continue to be relevant in the fighting game sphere for years to come.

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