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Just Cause 3 – Di Ravello Tape Locations

by Prima Games Staff

While experiencing a chaotic adventure in Just Cause 3, you’ll be able to pick up numerous collectibles. Among them are the Di Ravello tapes, recordings of his rise to dictatorship that could offer some clues in how to bring him down.

There are a number of these tapes scattered across the three islands, and we broke them down by location.

Insula Dracon

1. Capita Est, Coordinates: 44.25 N, 35.49 E – Go to the second level of the ruins, right before you reach the third set of stairs taking you to the top. The tape will be right there.

2. Capita Est, Coordinates: 44.13 N, 36.80 E – Look for trash around the bottom side of the yellow building, right next to a huge wall.

3. Massos, Coordinates: 43.39 N, 37.05 E –Look for some rubble in the graveyard of cars and the tape will be waiting there.

4. Capite East, Coordinates: 43.60 N, 35.84 E – Go to a building with a national flag hanging around the front and look for a porch. There should be a trash pile with a tape inside.

5. Capite West, Coordinates: 42.93 N, 35.18 E – Head to the stone building with the darker shade, with a national flag on it. The tape will be right on the porch.

6. Trio, Coordinates: 42.69 N, 35.07 E – Go to the very top walkway of the lighthouse, the one on the side of the ocean. The tape will be there to collect.

7. Trio, Coordinates: 41.93 N, 35.03 E – Go to the church and look for some ruins. There should be some wood scaffolding nearby with the tape underneath.

8. Trio, Coordinates: 41.77 N, 35.14 E – Go to the white sail boat (next to a nearby red paddle boat) and look on the bow.

9. Trio, Coordinates: 41.87 N, 35.79 E –Find the red building with green shutters, then head around to the west side to find a bench right underneath a lamp. Yet another tape!

10. Petra, Coordinates: 41.80 N, 36.47 E –Find the tower and head up to the very top (within the ruins), then check for two standing walls. The tape will be located in the corner.

11. Petra, Coordinates: 41.84 N, 36.97 E –Go to Sancte Cinta and look for some wooden scaffolding. Underneath you’ll find a dumpster with the tape right behind.

12. Massos, Coordinates: 42.19 N, 37.60 E –Take the road to the west and look for a small alley with stairs painted with flowers. You’ll find some trash cans nearby with the tape inside.

Insula Fonte

1. Sirocco Sud, Coordinates: 38.40 N, 42.37 E – Look for a small house near the ocean and check the porch.

2. Sirocco Sud, Coordinates: 38.65 N, 42.65 E – Look for a small planter box alongside the water to the north, and check for two benches. The tape will be in-between them.

3. Sirocco Nord, Coordinates: 38.95 N, 42.66 E –Go to the gas station, then check the east side to find a toolbox with a tape inside.

4. Sirocco Nord, Coordinates: 39.29 N, 42.87 E – Check for a building with a clothesline and a few planted trees sitting in pots. Go to the balcony facing the north and you’ll find the tape.

5. Lacos, Coordinates: 40.07 N, 43.71 E –Find a white house with a red roof, then go to the small balcony past the hill. Hello, tape!

6. Lacos, Coordinates: 40.16 N, 42.76 E – Find the yellow building, then go along the roof to a facing balcony. Look to a bench on the east side with the tape next to it.

7. Lacos, Coordinates: 40.69 N, 43.53 E –Find the white fence with red shingles northeast of Alba and look on the other side.

8. Lacos, Coordinates: 40.95 N, 44.18 E – Look for a black metal fence with some umbrellas and tables nearby. The tape’s right behind them.

9. Bala, Coordinates: 40.76 N, 45.20 E –Look for an orange building and make your way up to the balcony, with a bench and tree boxes on it.

10. Plagia, Coordinates: 41.58 N, 44.68 E –Go to the gas station, then check the doors leading into it. The tape will be to the left of them.

11. Plagia, Coordinates: 42.36 N, 44.37 E –Find a white wall alongside some broken cars on the east side of the road, and go through the metal gate to find the tape.

12. Plagia, Coordinates: 42.47 N, 44.20 E – Head to the vineyards (on the east side) and find some nearby stairs. Go down to find the tape.

13. Plagia, Coordinates: 42.51 N, 43.95 E –Get to the air traffic control tower and make your way to the top, then look for the tape by the locked door.

14. Plagia, Coordinates: 42.25 N, 43.78 E –Look on the east side of the road for some metal gates, and the tape will be right next to them.

15. Feno, Coordinates: 42.37 N, 42.86 E –Find the yellow house across from a large sunflower field and make your way to the east balcony.

16. Feno, Coordinates: 42.73 N, 43.29 E –Find the far east building in Babica and make your way to the rooftop garden.

17. Feno, Coordinates: 42.88 N, 43.00 E –Find the church with the big tower, then go across the streets to the building and look on the balcony.

18. Feno, Coordinates: 42.42 N, 42.03 E – Locate the brick building (facing the road on the east side) and climb up to the balcony. Tape!

19. Lavanda, Coordinates: 41.95 N, 41.59 E –Find the police station, then head to the building north of it. Check the balcony facing the east side.

20. Lavanda, Coordinates: 41.84 N, 42.34 E –Go to the rear of the gas station, then check the door leading into the women’s restroom. The tape should be in front of it.

Insula Straite

1. Montana, Coordinates: 48.09 N, 43.36 E – Get to the tallest point on top of the mountain, then look on the east side.

2. Litore Torto, Coordinates: 49.26 N, 46.25 E – Make your way to the catwalk, then head to the north building on the south end.

3. Litore Torto, Coordinates: 50.31 N, 44.98 E – Look on the west side of the road to find some rubble and trash. The tape will be inside.

4. Grande Pastura, Coordinates: 50.93 N, 41.21 E – Look for a fountain with a bull’s head built in, and the tape will be right next to it. It’ll be close to the ruins.

5. Grande Pastura, Coordinates: 49.97 N, 40.11 E –Find a ruined house on the north side of the main road, and check in the middle inside.

6. Grande Pastura, Coordinates: 48.52 N, 40.75 E –Head to the crater on the west side of the mountain and you’ll see some torn down trees and a rock. The tape will be nearby.

7. Val De Mar, Coordinates: 47.51 N, 39.93 E –Go to the dock and look on the very edge.

8. Val De Mar, Coordinates: 45.98 N, 42.16 E –Look for a building that has a metal door on it, right next to a lantern. There’s no way to get in the ground floor, so use your grapple to get in from higher up. The tape will be in some rubble just inside.

9. Val De Mar, Coordinates: 44.91 N, 42.22 E – Go to the control room and check inside the factory. Go to the very top to find the tape.

10. Maestrale, Coordinates: 45.38 N, 39.07 E –Find the large checkpoint wall, then check for ruins pointing west. The tape will be at the top of the nearby staircase.

11. Maestrale, Coordinates: 46.18 N, 39.16 E – Find the ruined village, then make your way to the top of the nearby tower.

12. Maestrale, Coordinates: 46.99 N, 38.30 E – Head into the ruins and look for a pillar standing on its own, near a wall. The tape is between the two.

13. Maestrale, Coordinates: 47.54 N, 37.78 E – Go to the ruins, head to the top of the stairs and you’ll find this tape.

14. Maestrale, Coordinates: 47.40 N, 36.05 E – Find the arch and look for a lamp nearby, on the north side. Tape’s right there.

15. Maestrale, Coordinates: 48.22 N, 35.34 E –Go inside the ruined building on the west side, and the tape will be by the entrance.

16. Maestrale, Coordinates: 48.57 N, 34.83 E – Go into the factory on the side that’s facing the water, and check in a nearby trash pile.

17. Maestrale, Coordinates: 48.30 N, 32.87 E –Go inside the building and make your way to the catwalk in the center of it.

18. Libeccio, Coordinates: 45.18 N, 33.39 E – Go to the small office, then go south to get to another catwalk, where the tape is.

19. Libeccio, Coordinates: 44.98 N, 35.24 E –Go to the second level from the roof of the building under construction, and check on the end facing the city to find a ledge with the tape on it.

20. Libeccio, Coordinates: 44.88 N, 35.36 E – Find the sun chair and there will be a nearby balcony with a tape.

21. Libeccio, Coordinates: 45.83 N, 35.42 E – Go to the small farm house, then walk inside the fenced-in area to the north of it. Another tape!

22. Libeccio, Coordinates: 45.72 N, 36.15 E – Find a building with green blinds and make your way to the roof, then head to the south side.

23. Libeccio, Coordinates: 45.25 N, 37.87 E – Look for two burned-out buses alongside each other. The tape is in-between.

24. Regno, Coordinates: 44.41 N, 37.82 E – Find a crane and make your way to the top, then look between the coil of cable and the counterweights to find this tape.

25. Regno, Coordinates; 44.07 N, 38.17 E –Find the large orange temple next to a sealed-off garden, and look on the east side.

26. Regno, Coordinates: 44.35 N, 38.45 E – Check the construction site and look for some piles of lumber with a tape nearby.

27. Regno, Coordinates: 44.22 N, 38.68 E –Make your way up a nearby crane to the roof of the coordinating building, then look by the port-o-potties.

28. Regno, Coordinates: 44.21 N, 39.30 E – Go to the east dock closest to where the land is, and look on the nearby blue crane.

29. Prima, Coordinates: 43.94 N, 39.99 E – Find the house closest to the road you’re on and make your way to the south balcony.

30. Prima, Coordinates: 43.71 N, 40.15 E –Go to the second floor of the nearby building and head under the walkway, right next to the “Soda Salate” sign. Tape’s right there.

31. Prima, Coordinates: 43.94 N, 40.66 E –Go to the playground next to the large red building and the tape will be inside.

32. Prima, Coordinates: 43.76 N, 41.60 E – Find a building on the southeast side of Vista Fonte, then get to the roof and look for a lounging area. The tape is in there.

33. Prima, Coordinates: 43.91 N, 41.65 E –Find a trash bin and dumpster near a red, white and yellow building on the north side of town. The tape is there.

34. Prima, Coordinates: 43.82 N, 43.38 E – Find “Kool Kebabs” and look on the balcony straight across. The tape is buried between two pots with white flowers.

35. Prima, Coordinates: 43.77 N, 43.50 E – Find a building with green blinds, then make your way to the west side and look for a balcony, right beneath a nearby clothesline.

36. Costa Sud, Coordinates: 44.54 N, 44.18 E –Head to the corner house and look on the northwest balcony.

37. Costa Sud, Coordinates: 44.15 N, 45.36 E – Find a white building with a “Pulvere De Fee” sign and look for a table on the balcony, with a blue and white umbrella.

38. Costa Sud, Coordinates: 44.25 N, 45.59 E – Find the yellow building and check on the balcony, between two clotheslines.

39. Costa Sud, Coordinates: 45.23 N, 46.21 E – Find the broken down factory and look to the west corner, where you’ll find a catwalk to the south. The tape is on it.

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