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Just Cause 3 Challenges – Crash Bomb, Racing, Scrapyard Scramble

by Bryan Dawson

There are a variety of challenges scattered around Just Cause 3. Once you complete a challenge you are rated on a scale of up to five gears. In order to receive 100 percent completion for the challenges, you need to score five gears. The challenges are overly difficult if your goal is to simply complete them, however if you want to score five gears it’s going to take some practice. This article offers useful tips for each challenge so you can get closer to achieving a five-gear score.

Crash Bomb

  • Once you start moving you cannot drop below the red indicated point on the speedometer or your vehicle will explode.
  • Bail out of the vehicle before you hit your target or you’ll go up with the vehicle and fail the mission.
  • Before you bail out of the vehicle, make sure it’s lined up perfectly with the center of the target to inflict as much damage as possible and score as many points as possible.
  • Do not hit any other vehicles or people. If you do your vehicle will slow down and you won’t score as high.


  • A race begins once you cross the first checkpoint. Start as far back as you can to build up to maximum speed before you cross the first checkpoint and shave a few seconds off your time.
  • Use speed boosts from Gear Mods to increase your speed and lower you time.
  • You can use any vehicle in the race class indicated, meaning you can capture a better vehicle and use it so long as it’s in the same class. This can dramatically improve your times.
  • Pass cars on the trunk side to avoid getting hit and losing speed.
  • In land races use your standard brakes frequently to avoid damaging your vehicle. The more damage it takes the slower it will move.
  • In air races that use planes turn with Square/X or Circle/B and navigate with the left analog stick to compensate for the slower turning speed.
  • In sea races, once you unlock the jumping Gear Mod you can jump over mines to dramatically lower your time.
  • Head into town to find better speed boats and jet skis for sea races.

Scrapyard Scramble

  • Before you can collect Bavarium you need to connect the Bavarium Attractor to your vehicle. Attach it as close as you can to the end of the vehicle to make the gathering process easier.
  • There are two grades of Bavarium with the higher grade earning you more points. However, your focus should be on collecting as much Bavarium as possible not selectively targeting the higher grade Bavarium.
  • Pass close to the end of the big metal cargo containers to rip the doors off, then grab the large quantities of Bavarium that spill out.
  • When you enter the pit, turn off the Bavarium Attractor so you can drop all of the loot before you head back out.
  • You can earn bonus time if you deposit enough Bavarium. This allows you to earn significantly more points.

Shooting Gallery

  • To score high in Shooting Gallery accuracy and speed should be your primary focus. Aim for the bullseye but avoid hitting the blue X to maintain your multiplier.
  • Equip the Precision Aim Weapon Mod to make this challenge considerably easier.
  • Burst Tips: Take your time at each target so all three bullets from the burst hit. Only shoot each target one time to avoid missing shots and focus on the green bullseye when it appears for higher scores.
  • Handgun Tips: Focus on the targets in the back and hit the green bullseye when it crosses the middle to unlock more targets.
  • Machine Gun Tips: Aim at the center of the target instead of specifically at the bullseye.
  • Revolver Tips: Targets disappear after they’ve been hit once. Focus on the green bullseye targets for maximum points.
  • Shotgun Tips: Aim toward the center instead of directly at the bullseye and step left or right to widen the spread of your fire.


  • Aim for the center of each ring. Just passing through the rings is not enough to earn a five-gear score.
  • Try to fly through the red rings located in the center of the white rings to score the maximum number of points.
  • If you’re having trouble getting a red ring, just avoid it. You don’t need to hit all red rings to score five-gears, but the more you hit the closer you’ll be to a perfect score.
  • When you reach the end of the course, fly low to the ground to earn bonus points when the challenge completes.

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