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Jump Force Controls

by Prima Games Staff

Jump Force Controls

Are you interested in learning the move combinations before you start your battle? To help you hit the ground running, we’ve compiled the Jump Force controls. The game isn’t overly 

advanced like some of the other fighting games, so knowing the Jump Force controls should allow you to get the basics down with every character. Read on to find out the Jump Force controls so you can get a head start on the competition.

Ability PS4 / Xbox Notes
Ability 1, 2 and 3 Hold R2 + Triangle, Square or Circle
Hold RT + Y, X or B
Each command performs a different ability.
Awaken R3 (Right Analog Stick) Awakening Gauge must be at least 50% full.
Dash L1 / LB Can be used to chase after an escaping enemy.
Energy Charge Hold R2 / Hold RT N/A
Escape L1 / LB Must be performed while guarding.
Guard Hold R1 / Hold RB N/A
Heavy Attack Triangle / Y Press rapidly for more attacks.
Heavy Smash Hold Triangle / Hold Y Use while the opponent is on the ground.
High-Speed Counter Square / X Tap just before being attacked.
High-Speed Dodge R2 / RT Tap just before being attacked.
Jump X / A N/A
Movement Left Analog Stick N/A
Rush Attack Square / X Press rapidly for chain attacks that will change if you press Up or Down.
Pound Attack Down + Square / Down + X Must be performed while jumping.
Sidestep Left Analog Stick + R1 / RB Avoids homing attacks.
Smash Attack Hold Square / X Break through and opponent’s guard.
Support Attack Hold L2 / Hold LT N/A
Switch L2 / LT N/A
Throw Circle / B Cannot be blocked.
Vanish R2 + X / RT + A Must be done while performing a Rush or Heavy Attack. Press Left or Right to move quickly.
Ultimate Awakening R2 + L2 / RT + LT After activating Awaken. Not available for all characters.
Ultimate Technique R2 + X / RT + A Awakening Gauge must be at least 50% full.

Ability 1, 2 and 3 – Each character has three assigned abilities. You can use these abilities by holding R2 or RT and pressing Square / X, Triangle / Y or Circle / B.

Awaken – Once the Awakening Gauge is at least 50 percent full you can activate Awakening Mode for your character. Each character has a unique Awakening Mode.

Dash – Dash toward an opponent. This is especially effective when the opponent is using the Escape ability. When Dashing you will use your Mobility Gauge. Once the Mobility Gauge is depleted you will not be able to Dash for a short time while it replenishes. It’s possible to dash in the air as well as on the ground, and attack or block during a Dash.

Energy Charge – Press and hold to slowly recharge your energy.

Escape – If you’re blocking or knocked down, you can use Escape to get away from an opponent. Like the Dash ability, Escape uses your Mobility Gauge. Once your Mobility Gauge is depleted you will not be able to Escape for a short time.

Guard – Hold Guard allows you to block normal attacks. However, Smash Attacks and Throws will break through your guard.

Heavy Attack – Heavy Attacks are similar to Rush Attacks, but generally inflict more damage. You can chain Heavy Attacks together, and even mix them up with Rush Attacks. Heavy Attacks can also be used in the air, but only once per combo.

Heavy Smash Attack – Use this attack if the opponent is on the ground. It can be used while you’re in mid-air or Dashing toward an opponent, and can be followed with Square / X while the opponent is still on the ground.

High-Speed Counter – With precise timing your character will block an opponent’s attack and counter attack immediately. You can even use this ability while you’re knocked down. It’s important to time this ability right before you’re about to be hit.

High-Speed Dodge – With precise timing you can use a High-Speed Dodge to evade an attack. If you evade a Smash Attack your character will automatically counter attack. It’s important to time this ability right before you’re about to be hit.

Jump – You can jump into the air with this ability.

Rush Attack – Think of a Rush Attack like you would your basic combo attacks. You can tap Rush Attack rapidly to chain attacks together into a combo. Pressing Up or Down on the Left Analog Stick will perform different combo attacks.

Pound Attack – While jumping you can perform a Pound Attack, which bounces an opponent if they’re close enough to the ground.

Sidestep –  Some attacks in Jump Force will track or home in on your character. You can avoid these attacks with a Sidestep.

Smash Attack – Knock an opponent back with a Smash Attack. It can be used while Dashing and can be followed with an attack by pressing Square / X + Left or X / A + Right. You can press Up or Down while performing a Smash Attack to knock the opponent into the air or just knock them back. You can press Jump to continue your combo after a directional Smash.

Support Attack – Call in one of your available support characters to perform a quick attack.

Switch – Switch to the next character on your team if any are available.

Throw – Like in most other fighting games, if your opponent is blocking too much, use a Throw to break through their guard. Throws cannot be blocked, and can also be used after a Rush or Heavy attack.

Vanish – While performing a Rush Attack or Heavy Attack you can activate Vanish to disappear for a moment. While you are not visible, press Left or Right to quickly move in either direction.

Ultimate Awakening – Some characters have a special transformation that can be activated after you enter Awakening Mode. This is not something all characters can do. For example, Goku can turn Super Saiyan Blue with his Ultimate Awakening.

Ultimate Technique – Each character has a unique Ultimate Technique that can only be performed after activating Awakening and when your Awakening Gauge is at least 50 percent full.

You can find the beta start and end times in our Jump Force game hub! Stay tuned to Prima Games for more coverage of Jump Force in the very near future!

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