How to Join Madden NFL 24 Franchise Crossplay Playtest

There’s another round of testing, and here you can learn how to join in on the fun.

how to join madden 24 franchise crossplay playtest

There is another playtest happening for Madden NFL 24, and it is currently live. This time, players will be testing the Franchise Mode crossplay. In this post, I’ll show players how to join the crossplay playtest, disclose some information, and more.

Madden NFL 24: How to Join Franchise Mode Crossplay Playtest

Players who want to join the Madden 24 Franchise Mode crossplay playtest can only do so if they were involved in the previous playtesting prior to the game’s release back in August. The playtest is limited to players who own next-gen consoles and PCs.

Players who have participated with a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, or PC will be able to take part in this latest playtest. Another limitation is that the testing period is for a short period of five days, ending November 21st.

Login and Access ​​M24 Closed Beta Build

Players who were lucky enough to experience the initial testing of Madden NFL 24 must log in and access the M24 Closed Beta build. Alternatively, players can re-download M24 Closed Beta from their respective game libraries.

Why is EA Testing Madden NFL 24 Franchise Mode Crossplay?

EA is testing Madden NFL 24 Franchise Mode crossplay because it is one of the game modes that was not equipped with the crossplay feature. Crossplay was only recently introduced to the franchise with Madden 24.

The only game modes to feature crossplay on worldwide release were Ultimate Team, Online H2H, Superstar Showdown, and KO. But that is all about to change now and we could see the introduction of crossplay to Franchise Mode, one of Madden’s oldest game modes, very soon.

Will There Be Other Madden NFL 24 Playtest Sessions?

There could be more Madden NFL 24 playtest sessions coming sooner or later but EA has not confirmed anything. If there are any game modes that need major improvements between now and the holiday season, there will surely be another testing period for the players.

However, all players must keep in mind that it will more likely be exclusive to players who are already involved in Madden NFL 24 playtests. With all this in mind, players can’t throw their names in the playtesting hat if they are late to the party.

The Madden NFL 24 Franchise crossplay playtest is already an indication that more of these playtest sessions are exclusive. For more on Madden, you can read Madden 24 Season 3: Run It Back and find out what’s new in Ultimate Team.

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