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Is Wizarding World Down? – How to Check Wizarding World Server Status

This frequently happens when a popular game is just released and everyone wants a piece of it.

by Nikola L
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Hogwarts Legacy has many Harry Potter fans rushing to play the game. One of the features is, of course, the now infamous wand quiz that many players want to take. However, due to the immense traffic the site has experienced, it’s as if it’s being under a DDoS attack, and some players just couldn’t establish a connection to Wizarding World successfully.

Prima Games will therefore provide you with a guide with which you will be able to check if Wizarding World is down for everyone or not.

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Downdetector sadly does not have this website in their library yet, but UpDownRadar has it, and you can use this third-party tool to check if there are reports about the Wizarding World being down or not. Naturally, this is an unofficial community website, so it depends on the reports and comments of its visitors.

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In addition to that, the Official Twitter Account of Wizarding World should be a good destination to check for this information as well. Make sure to check their feed past the pinned post (which may be outdated and pinned way back), and in the comment section as well, because most recent comments of players complaining about connection issue might indicate that something bad is really happening on their servers.

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On you can, among other things, take some quizzes and solve some puzzles. One would suspect that any news of outages or technical difficulties would be published there first, however, we haven’t seen any traces of that in the past. It should remain an option to investigate, at any rate.

We hope that this guide was helpful and that you will successfully connect to Wizarding World as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can check out the remainder of our Hogwarts Legacy coverage by clicking the game tag below this article.

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