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Is there a Short Mode in CS2 Competitive Premier
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In the CS: GO days, there was just the regular competitive mode (MR16), where two teams of five would play a match that could last up to 30 rounds. Due to the feedback of a vocal part of the community that thought these matches could take too long and become too exhausting, a “Short” competitive mode (MR8) was introduced, lasting up to 16 rounds maximum. It was an ideal mode for players with little free time to play CS. Things in CS2 have changed, and many players wonder if there is a short-mode competitive or Premier match availability in CS2. We are here to demystify everything surrounding this matter.

Can You Play a Short Competitive or Premier Match in CS2?

At this moment in time, there is no short mode for Competitive or Premier matches in CS2. Valve has made a massive change with the release of CS2, and that is that all ranked matches are now set to MR12, meaning that whoever wins 13 rounds first has won the match. Another significant change is noticeable when the match is tied when both teams win precisely 12 rounds. That’s when overtime is introduced.

How Does Overtime Work in CS2

Overtime in CS2 is relatively simple. When the result is 12-all (12:12), six more rounds are played to decide whether there will be a winner. Two short halftime periods are introduced, each lasting three rounds and all players start with $ 10,000. That amount of money is sufficient for full buys in two rounds minimum. If the result is tied after the overtime again, the match is considered a tie.

Will There Be a Short Competitive Mode in CS2 in the Future?

Valve has not made any statements about this matter, but I think they won’t add short or long modes to CS2. A middle ground has been found with MR12.

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