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Is the Freestar Collective Settler Trait in Starfield Worth It? – Answered

Is the Freestar Collective worth helping out?

When you’re first creating your character in Starfield, you’re presented with a ton of options that all have an effect both visually and in terms of gameplay. It’s a lot to take on at the start, so it’s understandable if some aspects feel a little daunting. One such choice comes with traits, and a particular trait can be confusing in its usefulness. Here’s whether the Freestart Collective Settler trait is worth it in Starfield.

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Should You Select the Freestar Collective Settler Trait in Starfield?

The Freestar Collective Settler trait provides you with new Freestar Collective dialogue options when speaking to the faction and better rewards when completing missions given by them. In exchange, bounties for other factions are considerably higher. This means if you want to play nice with the other factions, you’ll need to take quite a bit more out of your pocket.

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As for whether this trait is worth it, it’s going to depend heavily on whether you’re going to do Freestar Collective faction missions in your playthrough. If you plan to just do the main campaign, and that’s it, then you’re better off not selecting this trait. If you’re willing to dabble in the Freestar Collective storyline though, then those bonuses to mission rewards can be nice. The dialogue options are mostly meaningless, so I wouldn’t suggest taking it for that.

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Are Any Faction Traits in Starfield Worth Taking?

As for the other faction-related traits you can select, those will depend on similar things to the above. Overall, I don’t consider any of them to be worth it, which is why I didn’t take them. I don’t tend to veer down one path or another, so it didn’t make sense to me. Plus, those dialogue options pale in comparison to the Persuasion options that are often offered otherwise.

If you’re looking into some of the other traits for your character, check out our guide on the best traits you can select in Starfield.

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