Is The Finals Battle Pass Worth Buying? – Answered

It's a low bar to clear

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One of the most contentious yet inevitable realities of our service-y gaming landscape is the battle pass. So how does The Finals’ stack up to the rest in terms of return on investment? Is The Finals battle pass worth buying?

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The Finals Battle Premium Pass: Price and Multibucks Rewards

First of all, is it worth it? In this writer’s opinion, yes, because the premium pass gives you more currency back than it costs.

So, The Finals’ premium currency is called “Multibucks.” You get just enough for the Premium version of the pass for $10 (1,150 Multibucks). If you complete the entire pass you get back 1,575. That’s a net gain of 425 Multibucks, or a little less than five dollars worth of premium currency.

Many times, the “worth” of a battle pass can be directly tied to whether or not this formula comes out to a net zero. More contentious passes, like Diablo 4’s, give back less currency than they cost, forcing players to buy more for the next pass. In the Finals, you’ll have a little leftover that you can use or save up for any premium cosmetics that catch your eye.

Mid-range cosmetics typically cost 400 Multibucks, with full-ensemble, multi-item packs going up to 2,200. If you like less flashy goods, some clothing options cost as little as 200, so you could snag a couple of those by the time you wrap things up. I’d suggest holding on to your leftover currency until you can leverage it to get one of the more lucrative “bundle” deals, but who am I to tell you how to spend your money?

If you’re less interested in battle passes and premium shop items and more in how the game plays, pop over to our review of The Finals to see our full thoughts.

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