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Is the Bolt Thrower Worth Buying in Resident Evil 4 Remake? – Answered

Well, it's definitely one way to throw.

by Shawn Robinson

Resident Evil 4 Remake features quite a diverse arsenal of weapons to take on whatever you might face. Whether it be something geared towards dealing with groups of enemies, or a far more powerful weapon designed to kill single targets, you should have no problem finding a weapon that’s purpose-built for every situation. One such weapon is available early on, though its usefulness is up in the air. Here’s whether the Bolt Thrower is worth buying in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Should You Purchase the Bolt Thrower in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

The Bolt Thrower first becomes available in the Merchant’s shop during Chapter 2 of the game, available for a cheap price. The weapon functions somewhat like your standard crossbow, allowing you to reload and shoot bolts that will impale your targets and deal damage. Later on, you’ll be able to load the Bolt Thrower with explosive bolts to deal more damage and cause damage to foes in an area. Its other main gimmick is the ability to pick up bolts off enemies you’ve killed, making this the only weapon with replenishing ammo in the game.

While it is a useful weapon that can have some niche uses, our experience with the weapon hasn’t yielded the most success. Especially early on, the bolts sent out by the Bolt Thrower never seemed to do much to their target. It was also a far slower time to kill compared to other tools in your arsenal, so it’s almost better to pull out your other weapons instead. The ability to replenish ammo does make it sustainable, but when you’re dealing with groups of enemies, it simply doesn’t hold up.

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You could do far worse than the Bolt Thrower, but in Resident Evil 4 Remake, there are simply far better things to put your money into. Take the Red9 handgun for example, which you can learn how to get using our guide.

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