Is Spider-Man 2 Going to Be Getting DLC? Answered

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The highly-anticipated sequel to one of the best PS4 titles has lived up to its expectations, and it’s only natural that fans are looking out for more of that. But are those wishes coming true or will they just become another pile of crushed dreams?

Will There Be DLC for Spider-Man 2?

While it’s not officially confirmed just yet, it’s very likely that Spider-Man 2 will receive DLC content. The game made sure to leave a ton of loose ends from which a DLC or another sequel could continue, and given how successful this title has been, we’ll probably be seeing more of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Men in the future.

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This article will contain some spoilers from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 main plot points, so read at your own risk.

We had some setup for many possible villains and heroes in a possible DLC/sequel. We have The Flame who was revealed to be Cletus Kasady. This is Carnage’s identity in the comics, and he just happened to get his hands on a symbiote variant sample in the game. We’ll probably see the full-scope villain soon, and he’s not the only one to be set up.

Dmitri Smerdyakov, better known as the Chameleon was also established as Kraven the Hunter’s brother, and he’s looking to accomplish what his brother couldn’t. Either of these could be an adversary in a future DLC, tying up some other loose ends.

In the ending scenes, we’re also introduced to Cindy Moon, the real identity of the Silk heroine in the comics. She might eventually be promoted to the playable main character status like Miles did, depending on if she gets her powers or not.

Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2018 received multiple pieces of DLC under the “City that Never Sleeps” moniker. While this was included in the game’s Deluxe edition from the start, it doesn’t mean DLC is off the table for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West received hefty expansions roughly a year after their initial launch.

Lastly, Norman Osborn mentions the G-Serum in the ending scenes, which is probably how he or Harry may eventually become the Green Goblin. A big villain like this would probably be saved for another numbered title, but we could get more context on his imminent appearance with a DLC.

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The first DLC pack for the first title was released a mere month after the game’s release, but we haven’t got any announcements on the subject so far. It’s very likely that this will change in the future, when we’ll get more info on what the DLC could be touching upon. It wasn’t included in the Deluxe pack, so you’ll probably need to open your wallet once more for that. But I would guess that it’ll be worth the investment.

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