Is Slime Rancher 2 Coming to Console? – Answered

Get ready to farm those slimes.

Slime Rancher 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the 2017 hit Slime Rancher. Originally announced a few years back, players have wondered if and when Slime Rancher 2 will come to consoles. After being unveiled at the Xbox showcase, the game has been relatively quiet. Is Slime Rancher 2 coming to consoles? We have the answer for you below.

Is Slime Rancher 2 Coming to Console? – Answered

As it stands, Slime Rancher 2 is set to enter early access starting on September 22, 2022. This is only for PC, but just like the original game, when the early access period ends and the game hits 1.0, it will release on console.

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Slime Rancher 2 is currently announced for PC and the Xbox Series X|S; there’s no word on if it will come to other platforms like the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

Of course, as more consoles get announced, we will update this post accordingly. For now, if you want to play Slime Rancher 2 in early access, you’ll need to get the game on Steam on September 22, 2022.

Below you can find some new features the sequel will have. This information comes directly from Slime Rancher 2’s Steam page.

  • Explore a Vibrant New World
    • Continue the slime ranching adventures of Beatrix LeBeau as she journeys to a mysterious rainbow-hued island.
  • Discover Wiggly New Slimes
    • Collect slimes never seen before on the Far, Far Range, like the bouncy cotton slime or the aquatic angler slime.
  • Build a Conservatory on Rainbow Island
    • Earn newbucks from slime plorts and collect resources on Rainbow Island to upgrade your vacpack, build new gadgets, and expand your conservatory.

Well, that’s all you need to know about if Slime Rancher 2 is coming to console. The original game was in early access for roughly one year, so it’s safe to assume that Slime Rancher 2 will have a similar development cycle.

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