Is Ready or Not Coming to Console? – Answered

Are Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo ready yet?

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The newest shooter hit, Ready or Not, has been another of these late 2023 hits that has quickly fallen in public’s grace. It could end up a bigger hit if it gets a console version, but will this happen in the future?

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Is Ready or Not Coming Out for Consoles?

As of now, there’s no confirmation whatsoever of a console release for Ready or Not. The game is currently a PC exclusive available on Steam, and it seems like it’ll keep it like that for a long time since it was just recently officially released, despite being available on Early Access since 2021. There has been no word on a possible upcoming version for the current-gen consoles.

During the most recent development briefing for the game, neither mention of a console version was made at any point of the interview. Most topics, whether about long or short-term goals, were usually about bringing hotfixes and seeking out possible issues and bugs to solve ASAP. Either that or revealing the upcoming content in the future updates.

While this doesn’t automatically exclude the possibility of a Console release, no plans for that were mentioned. However, a development roadmap is scheduled to be revealed after the Holiday break. So if plans for console releases do exist in the company, VOID Interactive should reveal those for us around early January.

For now, the main plan is to make this SWAT simulation game run as smoothly as possible during its 1.0 version as it slowly expands its content with more periodical updates throughout the next year. A PS5 or Xbox Series release would do wonders for its numbers, but it’s understandable if the focus is set on making it run as well as possible.

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