Is Persona 3 Reload on Nintendo Switch? – Answered

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Persona 3 Reload Nintendo Switch

With all of the other modern Persona games being available on Nintendo Switch, including the Portable version of Persona 3, it would be unusual for the new remake Persona 3 Reload to be absent from the Big N console. Despite that, we didn’t see the Switch logo anywhere in the current trailers for the game. Will Persona 3 Reload be skipping its portable version or will it be available for all current-gen consoles, including Switch?

Is Persona 3 Reload Available on Nintendo Switch?

As of now, there’s no confirmation for a Switch port of Persona 3 Reload. The game was initially announced on the Xbox Games Showcase, where it was labeled as only available on PC and Xbox consoles, but it was eventually announced for PS4 and PS5 too. The same might happen to Nintendo Switch later down the line.

But with all that we currently know, it’s possible that the game will also be on the console, and its official announcement might be given by Nintendo itself sometime later, but with an imminent release date of February 2nd, it might be just too much of a stretch to expect for a late release at this point

Just as I mentioned before, all other Personas are already on the Switch, which is probably the most popular console right now. Losing a Switch release means losing a good amount of potential players.

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But aside from that, many other leaks and rumors have been surrounding its potential version, such as being supposedly listed by different stores ahead of an official announcement. One of those stores included the PS4 and PS5 versions too, which turned out to be confirmed by Atlus a few days later.

And recently, Atlus just uploaded another trailer for the game, in which users noted that it had “Nintendo Switch” in its description. The global trailer is currently unlisted while the Japanese one is still up but with no signs of a Switch version being mentioned.

With all of that, people assumed that Atlus just pulled another Atlus and revealed the version ahead of time once more. Why do those leaks keep happening? Dunno, it even seems like it’s intentional at this point. But just like we did with the PS5 version, we’ll let you know whenever a Nintendo Switch version is officially announced or debunked.

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