Is Pedestal Prime Worth Buying in Warframe? – Answered

It sure is shiny, I'll give it that.

Warframe Pedestal Prime
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As you take a look at Warframe’s many shops, there are tons of items where their usefulness is in question, including one specific item. Here’s whether Pedestal Prime is worth buying in Warframe.

Should You Buy Pedestal Prime in Warframe?

Pedestal Prime is an object that sometimes shows up in Baro Ki’Teer’s shop, who shows up every second weekend to offer all sorts of useful and cosmetic wares. Sometimes, his shop contains the Pedestal Prime for purchase at 1,000,000 Credits. If you don’t farm the Index too often, that might sound like a big ask. If you’re on the fence about buying it, then there’s no need to worry. For 95% of you, it can be safely ignored.

Pedestal Prime is simply a cosmetic object that you can place in your Orbiter. It doesn’t have any use outside of being a nice place to put an object you care about. Maybe you’ll put your coveted Mastery 30 Slate on it, or an Ayatan sculpture, or even a Noggle, the most valuable item of all. Jokes aside, it’s there if you have a million Credits to throw into a pit. I might have 24 million Credits sitting around waiting to be used, but you won’t catch me buying it any time soon.

If you’re looking for more valuable items to buy from Baro, then you’ll want to look at whatever Primed mods or Prisma weapons he’s selling that week. Primed mods are mods that cost more capacity, but have much stronger stats as a result. Meanwhile, most Prisma weapons aren’t too strong but can be useful for gaining Mastery. You could even get the Sands of Inaros quest if you haven’t claimed it yet, since it gives the Inaros frame by the end.

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