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It just wouldn’t be summer without a little bit of murder and mystery, at least my summer wouldn’t be complete without it. Thankfully, Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE will be available just in time when things are slowing down. But, will it be available on Nintendo Switch? Continue reading to find out.

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Is Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE available on the Nintendo Switch?

Spike Chunsoft really came out with a doozy of a name, didn’t they? Like, they couldn’t have named it something simple, not like Danganronpa—okay, maybe they have a bit of a track record with making their games titles as long as possible. Messing with my articles a bit, but I digress. So where’s my game?

As of right now, Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE can only be played on the Nintendo Switch, whether you access it digitally or get a hard copy. I just prefer physical because I’ve been wronged too many times in the past by glitchy buggy digital copies. Also, this game won’t let you go empty-handed if you order it early or order another one of their many special editions. 

So while the availability of this game might be a little bit limited, thank goodness the Nintendo Switch won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. 

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We’ve been waiting for this game for a very long time, so be sure to look forward to our take on the game. In the meantime, check out our article breaking down the story and what we can expect in Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE based on the trailers that were released a couple of months back.

So that you aren’t missing out on anything else that will come out about the game, be sure to check out the article tag just below this story so you can see our coverage of the game thus far, and be sure to check back in the future for any guides that might help you out when you’re in a tough spot.

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