Is Marvel Snap Premium+ Worth it? – Answered

To save money or to spend it?

Marvel Snap is a wish come true to all Marvel fans who like to play TCGs and CCGs, and we are seeing people who only like one of those categories still get caught up in this latest Marvel craze. And how wouldn’t they, when Ben Brode is on board? Marvel Snap has a free-to-play friendly business model and in this article, we will be discussing the Premium+ version of the paid Season Pass and explaining if it’s worth it or not.

Should You Buy Marvel Snap Premium+?

In one of our previous Marvel Snap articles, we discussed the regular Premium Season pass, which you can read more about below:

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The difference between Premium and Premium+ in terms of price is considerable and is 50% more expensive right now (due to the difference in prices in different world regions and the fact that during Early Access, prices may change at any time – we advise you to check the current official price within the game).

What do you get for that extra 50% that you throw at your screen? You advance your Season Pass by 10 levels. If you are a regular player who plays every day, you honestly won’t need to buy this “Premium+” gimmick. You are bound to complete all of the 50 regular levels of the Season Pass if you complete all of the missions. However, after level 50, you get either some currency (Credits) or some cosmetics when you pass each Season Pass level. So, we are back to the argument of time investment. Is it worth more to grind the game for those 10 levels, or to grind for that price difference that you would pay? It is entirely up to you. Are you a collector of digital goods and cosmetics?

If the answer is yes, by all means, chip in to speed up your collection growth (however, we have good faith that you can get all the fancy recolors and retro variants with the regular pass as well).

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Side note, I have 80 hours of playtime in Marvel Snap. I started playing 15 days ago (talk about hardcore grind fest), have bought the Welcome Bundle and the regular Premium Season Pass, and I am at 476 collection level right now. This just means that with enough patience and consistency, the daily quests will yield you a high enough collection level over course of time.

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