Is Like A Dragon Gaiden on Xbox Game Pass? – Answered

Well, is it?

Like A Dragon Gaiden is the next adventure in Kazuma Kiryu’s story. It takes place between the events of Yakuza 6 and Like A Dragon. Will Xbox Game Pass subscribers be able to join this adventure? Let’s find out.

Is Like a Dragon Gaiden on Game Pass?

Yes, Like A Dragon is on Xbox Game Pass alongside all of the other Yakuza titles. So if you’ve been playing recently or haven’t hopped into the series before, you’ll have plenty of options.

While I recommend you start at the very beginning with Yakuza 0, you can start in a few different places.

If you’re hellbent on beginning with Like a Dragon Gaiden, just know you’ll be missing some crucial context for the events of this game, as it’s designed to tell the story of Kiryu’s surprising journey between the two most recent games in the mainline series.

If you’re a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass, you’ll be able to hop right in and check it out for yourself. It even comes with a special demo for Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth once you finish the game.

Should You Play Like A Dragon Gaiden First?

While Gaiden is somewhat of a standalone title, I recommend you start at the beginning and work your way through the titles sequentially. There are so many emotional payoffs that happen in Gaiden that it would rob the player of some of those high-octane and beautiful moments.

While you’ll be able to follow the broad strokes of Gaiden’s story and still enjoy its brawler-based combat system, you’ll be missing out on the more intimate details and moments of Gaiden. Having a backstory is everything in the Yakuza franchise.

If you’re interested in learning more about Like A Dragon Gaiden, you can read our review to learn what to expect if you decide to hop in on Xbox Game Pass.

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