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Is Keyboard and Mouse Better Than Controller for No Rest for the Wicked? – Answered

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No Rest for the Wicked’s developers, Moon Studios, are working on a key rebinding mechanic to improve the overall gameplay experience. But in the meantime, we’ve tested out both controller and keyboard and mouse setups to see which was superior, and here are the results.

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No Rest for the Wicked: Keyboard and Mouse vs. Controller – Which Is Better?

It’ll be a while before Moon Studios implements new control options, so until then, players should be aware of what method offers the most comfort. On one hand, you have keyboard and mouse, and on the other, controller.

The keyboard and mouse control option offers a more accessible and direct way to play No Rest for the Wicked, but both preset layouts available in the game aren’t organized or made well. The key bindings are quite awkwardly placed and it can be hard to press multiple keys in the heat of battle when they’re spread far apart or located in unusual areas.

Two examples of this problem are the offhand weapon and the parrying mechanic. Let’s say you have a shield equipped. To raise it, you’ll need to press and hold the CTRL key on your keyboard, and to parry attacks with a sword, you’ll need to use the scroll wheel button on your mouse to counter blows. Both mechanics go hand-in-hand in battle, yet they’re inconveniently placed so far away from each other. Stuff like this makes playing on keyboard and mouse feel exhausting and incredibly awkward—which brings this discussion to controller.

Despite No Rest for the Wicked launching in early access on Steam, it’s surprisingly great for a controller. Well, at least with these current preset layouts in the game. Of course, when the new control option update comes out, that’ll all change. But so far, playing on controller feels natural and easy to navigate compared to keyboard and mouse. Using a controller is arguably better than keyboard and mouse in the game’s current state.

It’s easier to move and dodge, controller function bindings are placed with more consideration, and everything feels comfortable because the actual keys are near each other. I mean, the game even recommends using a controller after launching it up, so it’s understandable why it would work well. Maybe it’s because No Rest for the Wicked isn’t optimized well enough for keyboard and mouse, but the controller just seems like the right way to go for now.

Of course, everything is personal preference and this guide shouldn’t dissuade you from trying either method. But hopefully, when Moon Studios finally launches its new control setting and key rebinding update for No Rest for the Wicked, players will get the chance to customize their gameplay experience.

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