Is Forspoken PC Performance Good? – Answered

And do you really need a 4080?

Forspoken, the flashy and otherworldly action-RPG by Luminous Productions, has finally launched worldwide after receiving mixed reviews by critics and content creators alike. Though some criticisms about the game’s features are valid, others seem to be hypocritical jabs at things like Frey’s silly quips and conversations between other characters, usually based on short clips that gain traction over social media. One point of contention for PC players was the recent reveal of Forspoken’s hardware requirements, demanding quite beefy specs from would-be players for the most optimal experiences. So, now that it’s been released, is Forspoken’s PC performance good? We’ll have your answers below.

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Is Forspoken PC Performance Good? – Answered

Recently, Luminous Productions revealed the minimum and recommended requirements to run Forspoken on PC:

To many players’ dismay, sporting an AMD RX 6700 / Nvidia RTX 3070 would only yield a solid 30 frames per second at 1440p resolution – quite a surprising revelation for GPUs that are only one generation old. Meanwhile, players wanting to reach a smooth 60 fps would need to donate an organ or two for the beefy 4080 GPUs to handle the game. Are the recommended system requirements grossly over-exaggerated, or is Forspoken just terribly optimized?

Well, the consensus seems to be that the game runs just fine once tweaked and tailored to your PC’s hardware. Ongoing discussions are happening in places like the Forspoken subreddit, where users list their specs and what kind of performance they’re getting from the game.

I just started it, but so far it’s pretty good. 3080 with 5800x3D, 60fps with DLSS off, around 90 with it on

/u/The_Incredible_Rook on Reddit

Some users are reporting great results, even without meeting the strict requirements as advertised.

3080 with a 8700k playing in native ultra wide with dlss mix between high and standard settings getting 60fps

Edit: runs like poopy now

/u/cslayer23 on Reddit

..While others aren’t as lucky.

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Luckily, Forspoken has many graphical options to change so players can optimize their performance in the best way possible for their PC. Features like Nvidia DLSS and AMD FidelityFX are present, along with the myriad of other variables to change that you’d expect from a PC title.

If you’re on the fence or unsure if your PC can handle the game, downloading the free demo through the official Steam page is the best option. With that, you’ll be taken through various scenes and flashy animations that can help you determine if you’ll have a buttery-smooth experience or a dreadful slideshow.

For more information on Forspoken, check out our other guides here at Prima Games.

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