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Is FFXIV Down? – How to Check FFXIV Server Status

Are the servers down? Let's check!

by Jesse Vitelli

FFXIV relies on its servers to stay up for players to be able to log in and play the game. This is true of any always-online title, but especially with an MMORPG. We’ve seen the servers go down for a multitude of reasons from a high player count to scheduled maintenance. If you find the servers are down, you might be wondering how to find out when they will come back online. Here’s how to check the FFXIV server status.

Is FFXIV Down? – How to Check FFXIV Server Status

So if you’re looking at how to check the server status of FFXIV, you’re going to want to head over to the Lodestone. It’s the easiest place to see which servers are up and which are currently down.

It will even tell you what is causing the specific outage if it is known.

  • Green: Online
  • Yellow: Partial Maintenance
  • Red: Maintenance
  • Green Plus: Creation of a New Character Available
  • Red X: Creation of a new Character Unavailable

It even sorts all of the servers by region. So if you need to look at the North American, European, Oceanian, or Japanese servers, you can. This makes it clear and concise what is going on with the current server situation.

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Another place to check for maintenance is inside the FFXIV login page itself. On the front page, before you even log in, the game will tell you about scheduled maintenance so you’re aware of it ahead of time.

These are the easiest ways to check the server status of FFXIV.

If something major and unexpected is happening, players will find updates on the Lodestone home page as well. That is where the team communicates any new and arising problems to the community.

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