Is Discord Down? Here's how to check Discord Server Status

Is Discord Down? Here’s how to check Discord Server Status

by Jesse Vitelli

Discord is one of the most popular apps to talk to your friends, run communities around different topics, and a place for folks to hang out. Like every application in the world that’s connected to the internet, sometimes it goes down or you’re going to run into some trouble. Here’s how to check the Discord server status.

How to check Discord Server Status

The best place to check the status of Discord if you’re having trouble is It gives you live updates when something is wrong as well as allows you to pinpoint what the problem is. You can check which features are having trouble like the API, Push Notifications, or even the search function.

The live update feed at the top will give people up-to-date information like if the problem has been identified, or what the team is currently investigating.

Another great place to check is the Discord Twitter account. The account will tweet out when the team is aware of something wrong with the application.

Most issues that are out of users’ control will just result in having to wait until the team has identified and fixed the issue, but at least you’ll have updates when you use these options.

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