Is Alan Wake 2 Open World? – Answered

The world of Alan Wake II, explained

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Alan Wake II has officially launched, bringing Remedy Entertainment’s highly anticipated survival horror sequel to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. With many prospective gamers wondering if the Alan Wake follow-up features an open world, here is a breakdown of Alan Wake’s gameplay approach.

Does Alan Wake 2 Have an Open World?

Alan Wake 2 does not have an open world. Instead, the game opts for a more linear, chapter-oriented approach in the game’s narrative. Although that might be disappointing to players who would prefer if Alan Wake II included an expansive open world to explore, the game has been extremely well-received, rating among the highest-rated horror games of 2023 and becoming a potential game of the year contender.

Interestingly enough, 2010’s Alan Wake was initially planned as an open-world game, but Remedy Entertainment’s developers adjusted the open world into linear chapters instead. The result has been two highly successful games, helping turn Alan Wake 2 into a fan-favorite horror franchise.

Open World Horror Alternatives to Alan Wake 2

Although Alan Wake II has clearly established its own identity, the series draws influence from other linear survival horror classics and third-person shooters and has a lot in common with the Resident Evil franchise. Suppose you’re looking for open-world horror (or horror adjacent) games instead of Alan Wake’s linear gameplay loop.

In that case, titles like Days Gone (pictured above), Dying Light, State of Decay, or similar experiences might be what you’re looking for instead. However, just because Alan Wake II lacks an open world doesn’t mean it isn’t worth your time, as it is regarded as one of the year’s best games in any genre.

To recap, Alan Wake II does not have an open world, and features a linear, chapter-based approach similar to other survival horror standard-bearers like Resident Evil.

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