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How To Increase World Tier In The Division 2

by Prima Games Staff

Once you’ve wrapped up The Division 2’s story, you’ll be ready to jump into the end-game content and start earning rare gear. A core part of this is increasing your World Tier as you tackle Black Tusk, though it might not be immediately clear how this works. In this guide, we’ll explain all the ways you can increase your World Tier in The Division 2.

After you clear out the Hyenas, True Sons and Outcasts, the Black Tusk will arrive and conquer the city. At this point, you’re effectively tasked with repeating some of the activities you’ve already completed, only this time against a far more powerful enemy. To increase your World Tier, one of the main tasks is liberating the strongholds Black Tusk have recaptured. Namely District Union Area, Roosevelt Island and Capitol Hill. Each of these will raise your World Tier by one rank. In addition, you’ll also need to take on the following Invaded missions:

  • Jefferson Trade Center
  • Grand Washington Hotel
  • Air & Space Museum
  • Space Administration HQ
  • Potomac Event Center
  • Federal Emergency Bunker

Thankfully with the Black Tusk in charge, these won’t be identical missions to the ones you completed already, with new objectives and enemy thrown into the mix. Completing all of these missions will boost your World Tier notably, but in order to access some of the strongholds, you’ll first need to boost your Gear Score.

Increasing your World Tier will allow you to access items of a higher Gear Score, which when earned will increase your World Tier further. As stated above, access to some of the Black Tusk strongholds is also gated by Gear Score, so you’ll first need to boost that. The first strongholds you’ll get access to require a Gear Score of 275, but complete one and the others will raise up. You’re therefore rewarded for boosting your Gear Score between each stronghold attempt. We’ve included the maximum Gear Score you can reach within each World Tier below:

World Tier

Max Gear Score











Each item you gain in The Division 2 will have a Score value, and your Gear Score is the sum of every item you have equipped. To view your current Gear Score, open up your inventory or character screen. Take part in various activities and events out in the world to earn better gear and boost this number up so you can take on more strongholds.

Once you’ve beaten all the basic strongholds you’ll unlock Tidal Basin, a new base which is the toughest egg to crack by a long margin. Completing this should unlock World Tier 5, but this level has yet to be added to the game. So you’ll need to wait for a future update to achieve it.

Now that you know how to increase World Tier in The Division 2, have a browse of our other guides. Want to track down Faction Cache Keys? We can help you out.

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